Welcome to IRT! What is a GMO? 1:24 min video with Jeffrey Smith

Did you know? The now familiar Non-GMO Month of October began five years ago on a special day, 10-10-10. Each year it gets bigger and better. The number of events at local retailers keeps growing with more food manufacturers participating – and more people eating non-GMO!

The Non-GMO Project verification seal is recognized in stores across the US. The stats are impressive: more than 1,900 brands have met the standards required by the Non-GMO Project with nearly 35,000 products certified.

Non-GMOProject-300x219But October is more than a merchandising event for non-GMO brands. It is not only the time of year to think about our accomplishments – the harvest of another year of outreach and education – it is also the time to evaluate and plan ahead.  We would like your help with that.

This year IRT is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Non-GMO Month of October with the launch of a brand new website. You’ll find reference articles, informational resources, news and updates on events, and more. Please give us your feedback on the website. There’s a handy dandy interactive button at the bottom left-hand side that makes it easy to send us your thoughts.

It would also be awesome, if you would try out the social media buttons, and maybe even use the email button to send the link to someone – maybe someone you would like to encourage to eat a healthier non-GMO diet?

And lastly, it is fantastic to be part of a change for the better. We have plans for new videos, new brochures, volunteer programs, and a lot more outreach. Please join us as a recurring donor. Your monthly contributions help so much to budget and implement new and on-going initiatives.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy non-GMO future.

IRT Staff


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