Tumors, Bad Organs, and Death…Oh My!

When a comprehensive two-year study showed that Monsanto’s Roundup Ready corn, and even Roundup by itself, caused massive tumors, organ damage, and early death of rats, Monsanto’s minions jumped into high gear with a shoot-the-messenger, kill-the-study campaign. Now the study’s lead author, Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini, is fighting back. He’s filed a libel lawsuit against some of the “so-called
scientist” attackers. A global petition has been launched demanding that approvals of GM foods be frozen until studies proving long-term safety are conducted and verified. Sign the petition and a visit this terrific new website: GMOseralini.org that completely shreds the biotech industry’s arguments.

A bottom-line summary of the study’s findings is: Definitely Avoid Eating GMOs.

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