The Speakers Bureau

We are listing below individuals trained by Jeffrey Smith who have agreed to have their name publicized on our website. (This is not an endorsement on our part, just the recognition that they completed the training).

If you would like to invite a speaker to an event, please contact directly the individuals listed below. You can ask them for information on their professional background and speaking experience; and also you should mutually agree on travel reimbursement and a speaking fee. (The Institute is not involved in any economic transaction between speakers and the requesting party).

In addition, there are many other trained speakers who may be available; if you have a request that cannot be satisfied from this list you can address it to

If you wish to invite Jeffrey Smith as a speaker, please send your request to  [email protected]

If you have completed the speaker training, and you want to add your name to this list, please send your request to [email protected].  Make sure to give your email, city or town of residence, and the state where you live.

Diane Burnett [email protected] Seale AL
Bonnie Rogde [email protected] Mesa AZ
Maria Myers (bilingual speaker)  [email protected] Phoenix AZ
Ariane Glazer [email protected] Scottsdale AZ
Melissa Smith [email protected] Tucson AZ
Judy Nelson [email protected] Fresno CA
Robin Carpenter [email protected] Forest Knolls CA
Thurston Williams [email protected] Lake County CA
Linda Bienenfeld [email protected] Los Angeles CA
Davey Monzon [email protected] Los Angeles CA
Tara Gardner [email protected] W. Los Angeles CA
Susan Niese [email protected] Buena Park CA
Mona Lenihan-Costanzo [email protected] Laguna Niguel CA
Malia Chapman [email protected] Laguna Niguel CA
Donna Miller [email protected] N. Hollywood CA
Isabel Charleston [email protected] N. Hollywood CA
Robin Carpenter [email protected] Marin County CA
Sophie Fleming [email protected] Corte Madera CA
Pamm Larry [email protected] Chico CA
Blair Caldwell [email protected] Palmdale CA
Meredith Hergenrader [email protected] Pinon Hills CA
John Diaz [email protected] Orange CA
Patti Mielziner [email protected] Mill Valley CA
Matthew Mullen [email protected] San Bernadino CA
R. Michael Knapp [email protected] Grand Terrace CA
Gary Morrow [email protected] Greenbrae CA
Marilyn Sunia [email protected] San Francisco CA
Monalisa Wallace [email protected] San Francisco CA
Patti Mielziner [email protected] San Rafael CA
Kim Kelley [email protected] Sierra Madre CA
Kathy Lynch [email protected] Westford MA
Kajsa Ceder [email protected] Topanga CA
Linda Bienenfeld [email protected] Topanga CA
Kory Muniz [email protected] Encino CA
Jo Ridgway [email protected] Clovis CA
Valerie Ozsu [email protected] Vacaville CA
Lisa Saslove, RD [email protected] Oakland CA
Ron Whitehurst [email protected] Ventura CA
Christian Soliz Elias [email protected] El Segundo CA
Anet Aguilar [email protected] El Segundo CA
Citlali Arroyo [email protected] El Segundo CA
Gina Lackey Diggs [email protected] Simi Valley CA
Shannon Soignier [email protected] Durango CO
Elizabeth Beisel [email protected] Farmington CT
Geri Zatcoff [email protected] Westport CT
Muneeza Akhtar Ahmed [email protected] Stamford CT
Charmaine Simpson [email protected] Whole State DE
Bruce Cauldwell [email protected] Bay Pines FL
Susan Phelps [email protected] Sarasota FL
Kimberly Wilcox [email protected] Waverly FL
Vicki Steine [email protected] Atlanta GA
Darlene De la Plata [email protected] Atlanta GA
Connie Hayes [email protected] Brooklet GA
Marsha Thadison [email protected] Lithia Springs GA
Bharat Somal [email protected] Alpharetta GA
Melissa Yee [email protected] HI
Russell Ruderman [email protected] Hilo HI
Cliff & Mary DeVries [email protected] Honolulu HI
Hakon Mar Oddsson [email protected] Reykjavik IS
Kim Pagliaro [email protected] Kamiah ID
Tonya Harris, MSHN, BCHN [email protected] Geneva Il
Ariane Glazer [email protected] Chicago IL
Joan Levin [email protected] Chicago IL
Renee Renz [email protected] Arlington IL
Lorna Paisley [email protected] Joliet IL
Susan Blake [email protected] Naperville IL
Kathy Gere [email protected] Naperville IL
Cyndi Dodick [email protected] Wilmette IL
Issurah King [email protected] Wheaton IL
Lupe King [email protected] Wheaton IL
Kent Blacklidge [email protected] Kokomo IN
Fermenti Artisan [email protected] Indianapolis IN
Susan Siemers [email protected] Walkerton IN
Warren Marr [email protected] Robards KY
Ed Stockman [email protected] Plainfield MA
Cynthia Hellmann [email protected] Boston MA
Ginger Marcus [email protected] Brandywine MD
LaKeta McCauley [email protected] Detroit MI
Torri Douglas [email protected] New Boston MI
Krista Haskins [email protected] Saint Paul MN
Carol Klingsmith [email protected] Marceline MO
Samm Simpson [email protected] Rutherfordton NC
Joe Miller [email protected] Lincoln NE
Bonnie Wright [email protected] NH
Susan Baker [email protected] New Boston NH
Laura Walker [email protected] Meredith NH
Liz Moore [email protected] Sewell NJ
Becky Klahre [email protected] Shrewsbury NJ
Haija Latifah Abd-Hamid, BSN, RN, HNB-BC [email protected] Newark NJ
Judith Mudrak [email protected] Southhampton NJ
Kevin Walsh [email protected] Titusville NJ
Kristina Bauer [email protected] Santa Fe NM
Deb Ingersoll [email protected] Magdalena NM
Tim Dannehy [email protected] Albany NY
Danielle Zanzarov [email protected] Long Island NY
Kathleen Furey [email protected] Long Island NY
Barbara Upton [email protected] New Paltz NY
Philip Sisson [email protected] Porter Corners NY
Peter Pellizzi [email protected] Rockville Ctr. NY
Kevin Kiernan [email protected] DC/NYC NY
Kayla Barnes [email protected]
Cleveland OH
Karen Lyke [email protected] Cincinatti OH
Dr. Renae Norton [email protected]  Whitehouse OH
Susan Schmidt [email protected] Medina OH
Sharon Wallace [email protected] Portland OR
Julie Edgar [email protected] Bethlehem PA
Theresa Sabatini [email protected] Pittsburgh PA
Annmarie Cantrell [email protected] Glenmoore PA
Dr. Pentti Nupponen [email protected] Harrisburg PA
Birke Baehr [email protected] Knoxville TN
Alain Braux [email protected] Austin TX
Douglas Foreman [email protected] Austin TX
Lauren Bernick [email protected] Austin TX
Cathy Harris [email protected] Austin TX
Robert Bard [email protected] Fort Worth TX
Diane Baines [email protected] San Antonio TX
Patricia Brichford [email protected] Sandy UT
Dr. Debra Hobbins [email protected] Salt Lake City UT
Kevin Kiernan [email protected] Oakton VA
Pam Drake [email protected] Aberdeen WA
Linda Fels [email protected] Bellingham WA
Sandra Lee [email protected] Olympia WA
John O’Brien [email protected] Olympia WA
Daniel Brandt [email protected] Silverdale WA
Tanya Selden [email protected] Antigo WI
Mariann Holm [email protected] Eau Claire WI
Susan Riegg, MD [email protected] Milwaukee WI
Karen Taylor [email protected] Wheeling WV
David Doncaster [email protected] Vernon, BC CA
David Begin [email protected] Edmonton, AB CA
Debbie Bowman [email protected] Cumberland BC CA
Don Gillis [email protected] Smithers BC CA
Bavani Sivananda [email protected] Markham ON CA
Ingrid Franzon [email protected] Falun, Sweden
Claire Bleakley [email protected] Featherston NZ
Ruth Sequeira [email protected] Mumbai , India
Merri Harris [email protected] Perth, Australia AU
Roderick Auza [email protected] Cebu City PH