IRT is here to help. You have our support whether you are just starting out or continuing your role as the resource for your customers by providing accurate information on GMOs. Your customers will reward your efforts with their growing trust and loyalty.

Support for Staff Training:

  1. View the recording of our GMO Retailer Training Webinar for store managers and staff, or request a speaker date with author, filmmaker and GMO educator, Jeffrey Smith for an in-store event.
  2. Start a Non-GMO committee charged with finding creative new ways your store can contribute to the growing non-GMO momentum. Use our free Retailer Tool Kit to learn about other retailers who have pioneered successful Non-GMO Days, Non-GMO Cooking Classes and more.

Support for Customer Outreach:

  1. Contact us to learn more about our Non-GMO Education Center for your retail store.
  2. Host a public film screening of The World According to Monsanto and use our free Film Showing Guide, complete with handouts, to channel audience enthusiasm into effective sales and community action.
  3. Use our Retailer Tool Kit materials for outreach to select loyalty card and customer groups.

Last year, Supermarket News predicted the upsurge we are now seeing in consumer awareness and concern about GMOs, and credited the Institute for Responsible Technology’s Non-GMO Shopping Guides, along with the Non-GMO Project, for shifting the market. Non-GMO is the #1 store trend in private labels, and non-GMO products are in ever increasing demand. We appreciate all you are doing to both educate your customers and make these products easy to find in your store.

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