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Download the following PDFs and freely copy these items:

Non-GMO Education Center A complete description of our education center store display with complete list of merchandise and order information.

One Store’s Story Read one store’s successful non-GMO education efforts.

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Have your staff and managers watch the GMO Retailer Training Webinar

Part 1-GMO Education for grocery store staff Use password: staff
Part 2-Health Risks of GMOs Use password: staff

FAQs and Staff Quiz Useful for any non-GMO staff training! Consider showing the bonus clips in the Monsanto film package What We Can Do and Your Milk on Drugs at the session. Handout audio CDs or listen to the lecture Don’t Put That In Your Mouth.

Showing Guide for the film The World According to Monsanto.

Discussion Guide to help prepare a discussion after your film showing event.

Download above documents in a Zip file

The educational materials below are ideal not only for educating staff or customers, but as an addition to your newsletter or website:


Health Risk Brochure

Audio & Video

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