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Summary – Take Action & Donate

Now that you know all of these dangers about GMOs, the coverup and all these things, what can you do? 

It depends. Are you a writer? Are you a speaker? Do you have a large Facebook following? Are you a teacher? There are so many things you can integrate into your lifestyle,but here are some generic ideas. 

Stay informed by signing up for our newsletter and share the information that IRT puts out there. If you have a pet and you’re interested in the pets program, subscribed there separately because they get separate messages specifically about pets. 

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe on YouTube. We put out a lot of information. In the last few months,150 different videos in various formats were put up by IRT. So we would like to make sure that you have your posts in the ways that you like to receive the information so that you can share it with your social group. 

In addition, we have plenty of activist resources on the site for all sorts of events and campaigns. If you’re interested in speaking about GMOs, you can download our PowerPoint library. You can take our speaker training program and once you feel competent, you can add your name to our Speakers Bureau

If you’re interested in eliminating Roundup and other toxic herbicides from your area, whether it’s the local City Council, County Council,  schools, or parks, we have a program at for that. 

We also have a new program, Protecting Nature Now, which is about stopping the existential crisis around the mass introduction of gene-edited products, that are made cheaply, and that could overrun and replace the natural systems that we have.  Replacing the products of billions of years of evolution with the products of laboratory creations. For this, the primary thing is to become informed and to help raise money, or donate to that, because we need to create a campaign quickly – an instant campaign that we can handle this urgent threat before too many GMOs are introduced to the ecosystem on an irreversible basis. That donation will support all that we’re doing. 

You can donate at the donate tab, and if you can, please make it recurring so that we know, and can count on, money coming in each month, or each quarter, or each year. This way we can then budget it higher on that basis, produce videos, etc, and continue the good work of protecting nature, protecting all living beings, all future generations, and our health and our families. 

Safe eating everyone.

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