Invisible GM Ingredients

Processed foods often have hidden GM sources (unless they are organic or declared non-GMO).

The following are ingredients that may be made from GMOs.

Aspartame (also called AminoSweet®, NutraSweet®, Equal Spoonful®, Canderel®, BeneVia®, E951) baking powder canola oil (rapeseed oil) caramel color cellulose
citric acid cobalamin (Vitamin B12) colorose condensed milk confectioners sugar
corn flour corn masa corn meal corn oil corn sugar
corn syrup cornstarch cottonseed oil cyclodextrin cystein
dextrin dextrose diacetyl diglyceride erythritol
Equal food starch fructose (any form) glucose glutamate
glutamic acid glycerides glycerin glycerol glycerol monooleate
glycine hemicellulose high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) hydrogenated starch hydrolyzed vegetable protein
inositol inverse syrup inversol invert sugar isoflavones
lactic acid lecithin leucine lysine malitol
malt malt syrup malt extract maltodextrin maltose
mannitol methylcellulose milk powder milo starch modified food starch
modified starch mono and diglycerides monosodium glutamate (MSG) Nutrasweet oleic acid
Phenylalanine phytic acid protein isolate shoyu sorbitol
soy flour soy isolates soy lecithin soy milk soy oil
soy protein soy protein isolate soy sauce starch stearic acid
sugar (unless specified as cane sugar) tamari tempeh teriyaki marinades textured vegetable protein
threonine tocopherols (vitamin E) tofu trehalose triglyceride
vanilla extract or natural vanilla vegetable fat vegetable oil vitamin B12 vitamin C (ascorbic acid) although usually derived from corn, is probably not GM because it is not likely made in North America.
vitamin E whey white vinegar whey powder xanthan gum

For exhaustive list of invisible GM ingredients, you can download the PDF, GMO 101 by Alain Braux here, or purchase the book here.