Shining the Spotlight

Shining the Spotlight on a Non-GMO Project Certified Company:

Wonderfully Raw Gourmet Delights

by Shicana Allen




Organic, GMO-free, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Low-Glycemic Products

Location: Watsonville, California

Owners: Sequoia and Jack Cheney, Eric and Carly Hara

Founded: 2011

Phone #: (831) 786-8773


For those deciding not to indulge the sweet tooth this Valentine’s Day, there are a wide variety of delicious, non-sugary foods that can be gifted or served, as well. Wonderfully Raw Gourmet provides customers with both options. They produce two unique, imaginative lines of edible treats: one sweet and one savory.  Their raw vegan Cocoroons (similar to macaroons), available in six flavors, are low-glycemic and minimally sweetened, though scrumptious nonetheless. These moist cookies contain only the purest organic, non-GMO ingredients: raw almond flour, coconut, and unfiltered maple syrup.


The company’s savory line of artfully-seasoned dehydrated vegetable mixtures come in two delectable varieties: Snip Chips (based on Parsnips) and Brussel Bytes (based on Brussel Sprouts). They can be eaten straight from the bag, used as dipping chips (delicious with hummus or guacamole), or to top soups and salads.

Here’s their inspiring story:

“My wife, Sequoia Cheney, was diagnosed with diabetes seven years ago. She healed her body with raw foods, became a raw foods gourmet chef, got off all medications, and completely healed. Everything had to taste good for her. She starting teaching classes, showing people how they too can heal their bodies without sacrificing taste. One of the things she developed was our line of Cocoroons. Her students, friends, and family said ‘You’ve got to get these in the stores.’ But Sequoia said, ‘No, I’m 56 years old, I don’t really want to start a whole new thing at this time in my life. However, people kept insisting. We started in seven New Leaf stores in Northern California, three years ago. Now we have national distribution in over 2,000 stores. Last week, we were on The View. Our son, Eric Hara, came on board two years ago. He had been executive chef at the Oak Room in New York’s Plaza Hotel, was voted the Rising Star Chef of New York City in 2007, as well as being recognized as one of the Top Five chefs in the world in 2010. Eric came out to run the crew and created our lines of savory snacks. Wonderfully Raw is a dynamic company, continually looking to develop exciting new lines so that people can not only eat healthy, but really enjoy it at the same time. I’m Jack Cheney, and I drive the forklift.” (Actually, humble Jack is the Chief Financial Officer, but he did spend plenty of time driving the forklift in past years.)


Shicana Allen has been a health, environmental, and food safety advocate, writer, reporter, and public speaker for over 20 years.

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