Scientists Under Attack

Biotech’s Dirty Tricks Exposed in New Documentary Scientists Under Attack – Review by Jeffrey M. Smith

Film by Bertram Verhaag and Denkmal Films. 60 minutes, Plus 30 minute bonus documentary: Monster Salmon.

“One question means one career.” This was the harsh warning of UC Berkeley Professor Ignacio Chapela for those daring to conduct independent research on genetically engineered foods and crops. “You ask one question, you get the answer and you might or might not be able to publish it; but that is the end of your career.” Both he and biologist Arpad Pusztai dared to asked questions and do the research. And then all hell broke lose.

Using stunning visuals filmed on three continents, veteran German filmmaker Bertram Verhaag tracks the fate of these two scientists at the hands of a multi-billion dollar industry that is desperate to hide the dangers of their genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

BR Online says of the film, “Belief in noble and incorrupt research and science is reduced to absurdity.” Arthouse says the “movie shows how purchased truth becomes the currency in the perfidious business between science and multinationals.” And GMWatch writes, “Original research showing problems with GM crops is buried under a deluge of smears and follow up studies are not done.” Read the full Review

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From the Director

For  more  than  30 years I’m making documentaries together with Claus Strigel in our own production company  DENKmal-Film.  We made about 120 films in three decades, among them eight full-length cinema productions. We as producers, authors and directors are consequently, persisting and sustainably engaged without exception in political, environmental and social themes. In the last 10 years we have developed nine films on the theme of genetic engineering in own direction and production, which encourage many people to get active in politics or resistance.

My latest film “Scientists under Attack – Genetic engineering in the magnetic field of money” started in the German cinemas on March 10th. “Scientists under Attack” is a documentary thriller on the theme of genetic engineering and the independence of science. We show the fate of scientists – such as Árpád Pusztai and Ignacio Chapela – who do research in the field of genetic engineering and who were punished through character assassination and by withdrawing their means of research. They are only examples for many important scientists whose careers have been ruined. Statements of scientists prove that 95 % of the scientists in the field of genetic engineering are paid by the industry. Only 5 % are independent. The loss of freedom of thought and democracy is obvious. May the public – may we all – still trust the scientists?

DENKmal-Film produces with its films products which have a high common use for all and it is in the best sense a “social business”. We participate in the “movement” of our society to more humanity, respect of nature and of natural laws, to sustainability and we encourage to interfere.

Film by Bertram Verhaag and Denkmal Films. 60 minutes, Plus 30 minute bonus documentary: Monster Salmon. $19.95

Press Reviews

Denkmal Office:A5_Projekte:01_Projekte:Gekaufte Wahrheit:11_Öffentlichkeitsarbeit:05_GW_Pressestimmen:GW_Pressestimmen_Auswahl:Logos:logo-br-online.gif“Amazing how this movie brings facts to light that reveal the fine line between agrogenetic engineers and sellers of poison and proves how critics are ostracised by unfair means. Verhaag does not try to do justice to every party, and instead takes a harsh stance. He is consciously subjective when he reveals how Monsanto and the other large businesses finance science and determine what is investigated and how in accordance with the principle of “He who pays the piper calls the tune”. Belief in noble and incorrupt research and science is reduced to absurdity.”

Denkmal Office:A5_Projekte:01_Projekte:Gekaufte Wahrheit:11_Öffentlichkeitsarbeit:05_GW_Pressestimmen:GW_Pressestimmen_Auswahl:Logos:kino_zeit_kl.jpg “Bertram Verhaag’s ambitious documentary movie shows how purchased truth becomes the currency in the perfidious business between science and multinationals.”

“The independence of research? The producer from Munich, Bertram Verhaag, took a closer look at genetic engineering. His conclusion: Corporations silence critical scientists; the major part of research is paid for by industry.”

Denkmal Office:A5_Projekte:01_Projekte:Gekaufte Wahrheit:11_Öffentlichkeitsarbeit:05_GW_Pressestimmen:GW_Pressestimmen_Auswahl:Logos:freiewelt.jpg “Scientists are worried about gene-manipulated food products that are introduced into our nutrition without safety tests and turn us into subjects in a huge experiment. Official statistics show that the share of nutrition-related diseases in the USA doubled in the past 10 years after the introduction of genetically modified food products. It is phrases like this in this movie with the subtitle, “Genetic engineering in the field of money“, that frighten the viewer, because they reveal the explosive and dramatic nature of the scene that is taking place on the quiet.”

Denkmal Office:A5_Projekte:01_Projekte:Gekaufte Wahrheit:11_Öffentlichkeitsarbeit:05_GW_Pressestimmen:GW_Pressestimmen_Auswahl:Logos:NN.jpg “In the hard-hitting new documentary SCIENTISTS UNDER ATTACK – GENETIC ENGINEERING IN THE MAGNETIC FIELD OF MONEY, German filmmaker Bertram Verhaag explores the heavy hand of the biotechnology industry in steering “science” towards its own interests, and eliminating the actual, legitimate science that exposes genetic engineering (GE) as the fraud that it is.”

Denkmal Office:A5_Projekte:01_Projekte:Gekaufte Wahrheit:11_Öffentlichkeitsarbeit:05_GW_Pressestimmen:GW_Pressestimmen_Auswahl:Logos:szene-hamburg.gif “World Star of the Month. According to producer from Munich, Bertram Verhaag, in an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung, Monsanto has already tried twice to take his movies out of circulation by means of an interim injunction. Anyone who becomes a target of the multinational agricultural and food corporation in this way may already be considered “world-renowned”, even if they don’t take much pleasure in that role. Bertram Verhaag will also have to reckon with sharp reactions from Monsanto representatives in his most recent documentary movie, SCIENTISTS UNDER ATTACK – GENETIC ENGINEERING IN THE MAGNETIC FIELD OF MONEY. However, they are bound to be unsuccessful this time as well.”

Denkmal Office:A5_Projekte:01_Projekte:Gekaufte Wahrheit:11_Öffentlichkeitsarbeit:05_GW_Pressestimmen:GW_Pressestimmen_Auswahl:Logos:augsburg_kl.gif “Verhaag’s vivid report shows that we have already been guinea pigs of the genetic engineering mafia for a long time. What is termed genetic research is only related to the higher sciences in rare cases, and instead is associated with hard core business and enormous prospects of profits – but only if critics keep mum. Anyone asking the wrong questions puts their career at risk.”


Denkmal Office:A5_Projekte:01_Projekte:Gekaufte Wahrheit:11_Öffentlichkeitsarbeit:05_GW_Pressestimmen:GW_Pressestimmen_Auswahl:Logos:Neues-Deutschland.jpg “SCIENTISTS UNDER ATTACK goes on to show how the GM industry has blocked the evolution of scientific knowledge. If the industry were interested in scientific truth, it would push for studies to be repeated with the alleged “flaws“ corrected. But this never happens. So the original research showing problems with GM crops is buried under a deluge of smears and follow up studies are not done. For the public, the difficulty and expense involved in accessing full research papers makes it hard to find where the truth lies.”

“We are so honored to include your film in our lineup.  A very important and timely film, indeed.”


Denkmal Office:A5_Projekte:01_Projekte:Gekaufte Wahrheit:11_Öffentlichkeitsarbeit:05_GW_Pressestimmen:GW_Pressestimmen_Auswahl:Logos:cinearte.jpg “Very controversial, intriguing and provocative”


“Amazing film, folks were blown away. Big crowd, we ran out of seats. Thanks so much for letting us screen SCIENTISTS UNDER ATTACK”


International Awards

– Prize at the Indie Fest 2010 in the category “Current Best of Show Winners”

– Top 10 place at Kansas International Film Festival

– “AT&T Award for environmental conservation and Stewardship” at the Arpa Film Festival



– Best feature Documentary at the Maverick movie Awards 2010

– Best original score at the Maverick Movie Awards 2010

Invitations to international festivals


Festival Internacional de Cine Documental (MIRADASOCS)Teneriffa, Spain
International Documentary Film Festival AmsterdamAmsterdam, Netherlands
Ökofilmtour 2010Germany
International Festival of Audivisual Programs (FIPA)Paris – Biarritz, Frace
Thessaloniki Doc MarketThesaloniki, Greece
International Film Festival Oxford(OX DOX)Oxford, France
Natur VisionNeuschönau,Germany
Deutschland 31st Durban Film FestivalDurban, South Africa
5 Seen FestivalBayern Germany
New York International Film FestivalNew York, USA
Columbia Gorge (Washougal) International Film FestivalWashougal, WA, USA
Kos International Film FestivalKos, Greece
Central Florida Film FestivalOrlando, USA
Green ScreenEckernförde, Germany
15TH Milano Film FestivalMailand, Italy
Filmtage zum Recht auf NahrungWien, Austria
Columbus International Film and Video Festival (Chris Awards)Columbus, Ohio, USA
Festival du nouveau de cinema MontrealMontreal, Canada
2nd CNEX Documentary Film FestivalTaipei, Taiwan
Festival de libertiesBelgium
Atlantis Film FestivalWiesbaden, Germany
Kansas Film FestivalKansas City, USA
United Nations Assoiciation Film FestivalStanford, USA
International Festival of Sustainable Development Films (ekotopfilm)Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Tacoma Film FestivalTacoma, USA
DOCUTAH Film FestivalSt.George, USA
Chagrin Falls International Documenttary FestivalChagrin Falls,USA
Southern Appalachian International Film FestivalErwin, USA
Louisville International Fest of FilmStudio City, USA
Arpa International Film FestivalLos Angeles, USA
Fort Lauderdale International Film FestivalSt. Augustine, USA
The Indie FestLa Jolla, USA
Silk City Flick FestHartford, USA
Santa Fe Independent Film FestivalSanta Fe, USA
Twin Cities Film FestMinneapolis, USA
East Silver Film Festival 2010-09-28Jihlava, Czech republic
Globale MittelhessenMarburg- Gießen , Germany
Forum International Medias Nord SudBurkina Faso, Africa
Planet in Focus Film FestivalToronto, Canada
Festival Tutti nello stresso piattoTrento, Italy
Wild and Scenic Film FestivalNevada City, USA
Maverick Movie AwardsMeriden, USA
International Human Rights FestivalParis, France
Beloit International Film FestivalBeloit, USA
Sedona Film FestivalSedona, USA
Peace on Earth Film FestivalChicago, USA

Film by Bertram Verhaag and Denkmal Films. 60 minutes, Plus 30 minute bonus documentary: Monster Salmon.

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