Bill Christ, along with Dr. Mann and Dr. Stratton, did some papers on the genetically engineered food supplement called L-tryptophan. A lot of it was based on Bill’s years of research.

The story is that a Japanese company Showa Denko KK was genetically engineering bacteria to produce L-tryptophan (a food supplement amino acid) more economically. In 1984, they stated that they would increase the number of genes that they were putting into the strain every year or two.

They weren’t aware that some people were having a reaction – a very serious reaction. Some people were dying and some people had permanent disabilities. They eventually found that the L-tryptophan was causing this disease, which was rare, acute, and came on quickly. It was called eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome.

It was horrible and caused progressive paralysis where the whole body and eventually the lungs were unable to move. Years after people were exposed to this genetically engineered product, they were still suffering and had brutal symptoms.

You’ll see in this section that was largely taken from Bill’s work, that the FDA hid the relationship between genetic engineering and the food supplement. They tried to implicate all L-tryptophan as the problem, even though it was only one company’s L-tryptophan, and they took almost all the L-tryptophan off the market.

There was a lot of inconsistency in the FDA. They never even obtained the strain to examine it. It was quite a coverup. If it had not been covered up, it’s possible that the entire genetic engineering enterprise would have been stopped short because here was a GMO that was killing people.

You’ll see how they used a bogus excuse for why it wasn’t the genetic engineering. But it almost certainly was the genetic engineering of the bacteria that caused the problem that caused these contaminants, which were tiny in their amounts, but very dangerous.

This section on L-tryptophan is in both of Jeffrey Smith’s books, Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette.  Found here is the trove of documents Bill made available. Sadly, he died of cancer many years ago. As an honor to him and to get the information out that he spent years evaluating, we’re sharing with you – his documents.