Friends don’t let friends eat aspartame!

Aspartame – you can find it in packets of Equal or NutraSweet. It was introduced by GD Searle, a chemical company that was originally evaluating this compound as ulcer medicine. A worker – a scientist – put his hands on it while he was working and eating a sandwich at the same time and noticed that there was a sweet taste. So they marketed the medicine as a sweetener.

When they submitted the data, the FDA was so appalled by the apparent manipulation that they asked the Justice Department to intervene, which charged GD Searle with fraud.

They would allow tissues of the rats or mice to go on for months before they would try to evaluate the tumors because that would destroy the tumors. It looked like corporate manipulation of research.

The lawyer prosecuting GD Searle ended up leaving, stopping his participation and then joined the law firm for Searle. Then the Deputy Prosecutor took over the case. He then allowed the statute of limitations to run out, and later joined the law firm for GD Searle for $400,000 a year.

GD Searle was not going to get approval from the FDA because they thought it was dangerous. So they hired Donald Rumsfeld who had a lot of political capital who said he was going to use all of his political capital to get it approved.

He was on the Reagans transition team. Immediately after Reagan got inaugurated, one of the first things that Reagan did was he disallowed the commissioner of the FDA to make a judgment on aspartame. Then he appointed the new commissioner (Donald Rumsfeld’s friend) and one of the appointee’s first official acts was to approve aspartame and then again approve it for diet drinks.

That gives you an idea of the history of it. To understand the science and why we shouldn’t be eating it, click here to the one-page addendum, which is in the book Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods. Hopefully by the time you finish reading this, you not only will stop consuming aspartame yourself, but please forward this page to everyone you know that is still eating aspartame.