Replacing Nature: GE Trees and Monoculture Crops

This 30 minute free film is a MUST SEE:

The new documentary, Synthetic Forests, from director Ed Schehl (A Silent Forest, 2010) illuminates the issue of genetic engineering versus nature as never before. Along with the expansion of industrial agriculture, tree factories are yet but one more example of the conversion of natural resources to corporatized assets. Includes appearances by Jeffrey Smith, Andrew Kimbrell, Ronnie Cummins, and a host of scientists, environmentalists, and citizen stakeholders.

Produced by Earth Links, Inc., the film is showing free online at with an appeal for donations to fund translation into Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and other languages.

“Corporations in the USA and Brazil have requested government authorization to release hundreds of millions of genetically engineered eucalyptus trees to be turned into fuel.

The Genetically Engineered ARCTIC APPLE has just been approved and it was recently learned that a GE LOPLOLLY PINE tree was approved for release without public comment in 2012!

Many other species of trees such as pear and chestnuts are planted in hundreds of test plots around the world and will soon be ready for release as  food if they are not stopped by informed public action.

Because trees could be  genetically engineered to grow faster, have increased density, resist toxic chemicals or kill insects, they are expected to greatly expand the number of industrial tree plantations and bring about the loss of millions of acres of native forests worldwide.  Rich Biologically Diversity would be replaced by plantations of cloned trees, growing at accelerated rates,diminishing groundwater and leaving a forest devoid of  wildlife and understory plants.” [read more at]


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