New Study Shows Eating Organic Food Can Actually Prevent Weight Gain

“You already know that eating organic food is good for you, allows you to take in less potential toxins and pesticides, and is helpful for the planet. But did you also know that if you eat an organic diet, you’re more likely to avoid weight gain?” Read more at Rodale’s Organic Life.

This finding published in the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine supports an earlier publication published by Jeffrey Smith in which 3,256 respondents showed significant improvements related to Overweight or Obesity by switching to a non-GMO/organic diet. Overall, 54.6% reported improvement. Of those reporting improvement:

  • 15.8% reported complete recovery
  • 12.7% reported nearly gone
  • 34.4% reported significant improvement
  • 22.5% reported moderate improvement
  • 13.8% reported mild improvement

See Jeffrey Smith’s article New Findings Show Avoiding GMOs Improves Health.

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