Meet Our Superhero Volunteer, Shira!

“I am honored to be among the volunteer editors for Jeffrey Smith’s IRT transcripts and thus being a small part of his amazing work in educating the people about what a disaster GMO’s pose for the world.” – Shira

Shira is truly an inspiration! At 87, she not only volunteers for IRT, but she also gardens (organically of course!), works doing yard work, pet sitting, organizing homes & computer maintenance, drums & sings at her local farmers market…just to name a few (full bio below)! We can always count on Shira to help out, even if she has to stay up all night. Thank you so much, Shira, you’re amazing.

Shira’s Bio:

In college Shira was already a professional French horn player, first in the CA Bay Area and later in her junior year, at the New England Conservatory of Music (Portland Maine Symphony). She married a flute player that year and later joined him in Germany to tour Europe with the 7th Army Symphony. She played horn in a spa orchestra one summer and sang in the Heidelberg Bach choir. Their first daughter, Gloria, was born in 1955 in Stuttgart.

Returning to the States the following year, they adopted Shira’s nephew Richard, and later had 2 more daughters, Francesca and Angela. Meanwhile Shira earned a B.A. in Music at Texas State College. Later Shira reared her 4 children as a single mother after moving to the French Quarter of New Orleans. She taught nursery school at the Hebrew Academy, was Principal of her synagogue’s Sunday School, and later became the 1-woman German Language Department of Dillard University.

She moved to the Bay Area, where she was Program Assistant for the, Berkeley Hillel House, Univ. of CA. From there in 1970 the family immigrated to Israel. Shira become the Personal Secretary to Dr. Israel Goldstein and English language secretary and fundraiser for the Youth Village bearing his name (where her 3 daughters also attended boarding school). She edited Dr. Goldstein’s autobiography, Israel at Home and Abroad.

In 1973 she was govt.-licensed as an Israeli tourist guide in English, German and Hebrew while Executive Secretary to Rabbi Raphael Arzt as he founded the Camp Ramah programs in Israel. Together they moved to the Alexander Muss High School in Israel program, where she served as registrar, substitute teacher, and field guide. She edited Holocaust survivor Lilli Kopecky’s  newsletter, “The Voice of Auschwitz and other Camps” and  Lilli’s book,“ In the Shadow of the Flames: six lectures on the Holocaust. Together with Holocaust survivor Erich Kulka she translated from the Czech his book, Jews in Swoboda’s Army in the Soviet Union. During her frequent visits to Germany Shira lectured about Israel extensively and while there translated from French the historical novel by Sylvain Treperman, Dawn of the Divine Blue.

After the 2nd Intifada (Arab terrorist movement) destroyed tourism, Shira returned to WA State, settling in the hamlet of Everson near the Canadian border, where she still lives, passionately raising organic food, composting “black gold,” playing percussion with a local group, the
“Sleeping Dragon Quartet,” tirelessly researching health & wellness, and taking on various editing jobs.








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