Listen to Jeffrey Smith’s Latest Interview on GMOs!

You are invited to listen to Jeffrey Smith, Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology, speak about GMOs for FREE ONLINE during the Real Food Summit on July 9th. Register here

Real Food Summit is a 10-day online conference consisting of 27 presentations from real food experts including farmers, doctors, researchers, and authors. The following food experts will be present: Jeffrey Smith, Joel Salatin, Chris Kresse, Paul Chek, Mark McAfee, Chris Masterjohn, and many more!

Jeffrey Smith will discuss the latest information about GMOs:

  • What genetic modification is
  • Information about the BT gene and the truth about CT corn
  • GM Food crops
  • What FDA scientists state
  • Monsanto’s involvement
  • What the American Academy of Environmental Medicine states about GMOs
  • Health issues due to consuming GMO food products
  • How to avoid GMOs
  • Why GMOs are not as acceptable in other countries
  • How to increase GMO awareness
  • GMO resources

The summit starts Sunday, July 8th. Registration starts today!

We look forward to seeing you at the Real Food Summit!

The Institute for Responsible Staff

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