Jeffrey’s Take: Scientists Outraged by Peter Daszak Leading Inquiry into Possible Covid Lab Leak

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Transcription: Scientists Outraged by Peter Daszak Leading Inquiry into Possible Covid Lab Leak

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I’ve got some more bizarre science for you. It’s about coronavirus this time. This is just the most blatant example of conflict of interest in a COVID-19 investigation. I’m not going to make a suggestion as to how the COVID-19 virus was formulated, whether it came from a wet market or released by the Wuhan Institute of Virology accidentally or infected a Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) worker. I’m not going to make any suggestion as to how it got out, but the Lancet has a COVID-19 commission designed to investigate the source and also things we can do in the future. So who did they put in charge of the sub-committee to determine whether or not the virus came from a laboratory? Well, obviously they knew what they wanted to find because Peter Daszak, who was in charge, has been the self-appointed lead attacker of all lab-leak concepts, or theories, as conspiracy theory.


He talked about it as baseless, crackpot, conspiracy theories, and pure baloney. The person in charge of the full Lancet committee already went on record saying that the lab leak is illogical and didn’t make sense. So if they’re planning to find out and they know they’re going to find out that there was no lab leak as a source, then Peter Daszak is the perfect person to be in charge. He declared to the Lancet and to the Washington Post that he has no conflict of interest, and yet scientists are lining up in social media and other places to declare him the most conflicted of interest of any possible human on the planet, except for possibly the doctor, Shi Zhengli, whose lab was studying coronaviruses and engineering them to be more infectious. It’s called gain of function in Wuhan. Now, why would Peter Duszek be second only to Dr. Shi?


Because he was collaborating and a close friend with Dr.Shi, working with her on funding the research in Wuhan, funding the research on coronaviruses and the gain of function of coronaviruses, making them more infectious.  EcoHealth Alliance (which is the major funder) had already received $100 million or more from US government agencies in surveillance of viruses and in gain of function research. So imagine the conflict of interest. If he finds that a laboratory had leaked it accidentally, it could potentially damage his ability to receive funds for future research on corona or other viruses. Now as a self-appointed attacker of all things lab-leaked, he had declared wrongly that leaks from labs were extremely rare. Actually, it’s very common. USA Today alone documented over a hundred cases. He further went on to misinform the public by saying that no leak had ever been led to a pandemic. It is well-believed that the H1N1 pandemic came from a laboratory leak, but he’s also been wrong about the COVID-19 situation and the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s chronology. You see, in 2013, they supposedly found a strain of coronavirus in a cave. It’s called the Rat-G13.


And in that same cave, some miners got sick and hospitalized and some died with symptoms that were very similar to the COVID-19 disease. Now, according to Peter Daszak, they just put this strain into a freezer for seven years and only dusted it off and brought it out at the end of 2019 or 2020 in order to sequence it and that there had been no activity whatsoever. Now we’ve covered in previous Facebook Lives about why that is extremely unusual because this Rat-G13 is something that was associated with human disease and it happens to be 96.2% identical with coronavirus – that’s currently the basis of COVID-19 and it represents a viral sequence that may be from just the sequence alone, most likely to cause a human pandemic. They had published all this other research out of WIV and according to some scientists, this Rat-G13 could have been on the level of a Nobel Prize and would have at least triggered a huge investigation to try and veer off any pandemic.


But no, according to Peter Daszak, it was just stuck into a freezer. However, an investigation found that actually it was accessed many times in 2017 and 2018. And after that was made public, the bat-woman herself professor, or Dr. Shi, whose laboratory is at the Wuhan Institute acknowledged that they had sequenced it in 2018, but for some reason did not publish that sequence until 2020 after the pandemic had begun. Again, why would they wait from something that was so incredible in its structure? But anyway, the point here is that Peter Daszak had either lied about the Wuhan Institute of Virology accessing that particular strain and didn’t want anyone to know (it might’ve been his own research that they were doing on it), or he was blatantly misinformed. And he’s the guy picked by the Lancet to investigate. Now, if you look back at our Facebook Lives and be sure to subscribe to the Institute for Responsible Technology, or like our page, because there’s more to come and there’s also a lot there. We interviewed virologist Jonathan Latham, who has some interesting theories about the source or the origin of the COVID-19 virus. And he made it clear as has been made clear over and over again, by many scientists.


There is a concerted effort not to find a lab origin. I’m not going to cover that issue, whether I believe it’s lab origin or not, what the probability is. I will leave that for perhaps another time or perhaps the virologists themselves who are more qualified to make that call. But he says that right now, it is very difficult to get serious research published or taken seriously because it’s all been relegated to conspiracy theory, even when there’s strong evidence suggesting otherwise. So the Lancet is in on the game right now, their COVID-19 commission. It’s kind of like when Monsanto’s former attorney, Michael Taylor was in charge of the policy by the US government FDA on GMOs, and then later became Monsanto’s Vice-President. And then later he went back to the FDA as the US Food Czar – no conflict of interest there!


I would like to suggest that there’s a lot of information on our site and there (GM Watch) that don’t make it into the normal mainstream media. So just to summarize, a person who scientists describe as the poster child for misinformation on COVID-19, is the most conflicted possible investigator, has declared himself free of conflict of interest and is in charge of the investigation that if it concluded that COVID-19 was accidentally released from the


Wuhan Institute of Virology, it might even implicate his own research and certainly his friends. And result in him no longer receiving money, but possibly castigated by the world. And who knows, maybe there’s a lawsuit in there and he’s the one in charge.

So someone’s asking (on Facebook) what I understand about GMO and bats. In this case, I will not talk about the bats and that theory. There’s a very long paper by Jonathan Latham, where he talks about the people who were in the mines, where they collected this coronavirus and they had the virus in their body and in their lungs for months. And that the longer a virus is exposed in a human body and to human cells, it could increase its gain of function, meaning its ability to infect. It’s a fascinating article. Well, I’m not going to cover it here. It’s a level of detail that perhaps we will wait for another time. All right. Thank you, everyone. And thank you, GM Watch for reporting on this.

Safe Eating Everyone,

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