Jeffrey’s Take: Drop Your Body’s Glyphosate Levels By 70% in 3 Days!

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Transcription: Jeffrey’s Take: Drop Your Body’s Glyphosate Levels By 70% in 3 Days!

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This is Jeffrey Smith from the Institute for Responsible Technology. We are doing a Facebook Instagram combo pack today because this is breaking news that is so interesting and so important, you don’t want to miss it. We’ve been talking about the dangers of glyphosate, the chief poison in Roundup, and we’ve linked it to more than 30 diseases and many other common diseases. We have a situation where we now have confirmation with the most powerful data points so far of the importance of an organic diet. The good news is that glyphosate is water-soluble and a lot of it goes out in the urine and you can test the urine to see if you have a bunch of glyphosate in your body. But, it turns out glyphosate is throughout the food supply. It’s not just in the Roundup Ready crops:  soy, corn, cotton, canola, sugar beets, and alfalfa.


It’s on beans and grains. It’s found in wine, orange juice, and beer because it’s not just used as an herbicide. It’s also used as a desiccant to dry down crops, particularly beans, and grains just before harvest and it kills the other weeds at the same time. Farmers use it three to five days before harvest and it gets loaded up in things like chickpeas and oats. So, what do you want to avoid? You want to avoid GMOs, but that’s not going to be sufficient. If you see something that says non-GMO, even Non-GMO Project Verified (which we love), that’s not going to tell you if it has glyphosate or not.


Organic does not allow the use of GMOs or the use of Roundup or any glyphosate-based herbicides, so we say strongly, EAT ORGANIC. And now with research done in part by the folks at the Health Research Institute in Fairfield, Iowa – where we recommend their tests. John Fagan and Larry Bolehn found that when they had people on a conventional diet for five days, and then they switched them over to an organic diet for five days- within three days their glyphosate levels in the urine dropped by 71% for adults, and 76% in the metabolite called AMPA which is even more toxic than glyphosate. It’s a breakdown product. They also found that the children had five times the level of glyphosate in their urine. That is tragic. This means that if you end up eating a meal that has glyphosate in it, it’ll go up.


It’s not like, “well, I guess if I have this hummus, it might have some glyphosate in it, and I might be affected.” The EWG (Environmental Working Group) recently did some studies on hummus. Most of them had glyphosate levels because of the chickpeas. They did a bunch of things in oats, oat-based cereals and snacks. Yes, a lot of oats have high levels of glyphosate, along with wheat, mung beans, and lentils. So what are you going to do? First, we know to eat organic and that would drive your levels down. And we know that even tiny levels can affect people and animals. There was a study done with rats that were fed so little glyphosate in their water. It was 437,500 times less than the amount of glyphosate that the EPA allows in our water on a per body weight and per day basis.


So, it was adjusted for body weight. It was adjusted on a per-day basis. And it was 437,500 times less than the EPA allows and it caused non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in the rats. So, we have a situation where a tiny amount can cause damage and we don’t want any amount in our bodies. So, we definitely want to drop it as low as possible. Now, suppose you’re not able to buy organic because of where you live, where you’re going out to eat, or because of your expenses.  Try to use some of your health budget in buying organic because you’ll find it’s worth it. We have compiled all the different tests, whether it’s EWG, the Canadian study or the study by Moms Across America and we put them all together in one document.


If you go to the Institute for Responsible Technology, you can get our portal of all the different studies to see which raw ingredients have high levels of glyphosate and which processed food and brands have high levels of glyphosate. So, if you can’t get organic, look at the list and find out which products to avoid. Oats are in there, wheat, lentils, and other legumes, chickpeas, soy, and corn because of genetic engineering. It’s so important. You’ll see many of the tests were done on organic products and they always have a fraction of the amount of glyphosate in them. Why would they have any? Glyphosate is in the rain and it’s in the air.  It’s in 60 – 100% of the samples in the Midwest’s rain and air and 75% of the samples in Mississippi; the rain, in the air, and in the groundwater.


So, you can’t blame the organic producers if it’s coming down in the rain, but the levels are tiny compared to conventional. Still, it would be great to have zero, but they’re tiny compared to conventional. Now, another way to avoid glyphosate is to look for the Glyphosate Residue-Free Certification.  A friend, over at the Detox Project, Henry Rowlands, got that going. So, if you get something that’s non-GMO and Glyphosate Residue-Free, that’s really good. Organic also avoids a bunch of other things. They found in other studies (Friends of the Earth) that when they took families and put them on an organic diet, many different pesticides went down, so you don’t just avoid the glyphosate. They studied four families that were in diverse areas in this particular study on glyphosate.


There were about 16 people and a pretty robust study, but it was something we expected. Some people tell me, “I got tested and my glyphosate levels were high, and I’ve been eating healthy food. What’s going on?”  I mentioned to them that glyphosate levels can go up with a single meal. So, you can have pretty low glyphosate levels on average, but a single meal can spike it.  A single exposure to glyphosate that’s been sprayed, it can go through the skin. So if you want to know the levels of glyphosate, use the hair analysis, because the hair will deposit glyphosate through time and you get to see your levels, not just at that time day, but over a greater period of time. Getting your glyphosate hair levels tested, which is more of a constant level over a period of time.


You can check in with our friends at HRI to get the details on that. I could spend a lot of time scaring everyone about all the diseases associated with glyphosate but I better not, but it is basically everything. Let’s just say this, glyphosate damages the foundation of our health: the ability to absorb minerals, it kills the beneficial good bacteria, creates a leaky gut, leaky brain, leaky organs, and can damage the ability to produce neurotransmitters like serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine. It can influence the hormone balance and can create cancer by messing up our DNA and changing the way that the cells communicate with each other, which is called the gap junctions, which is different than the tight junctions, which are also messed up. It can damage the mitochondria, which are the energy centers.


It can destroy the infrastructure, the act which causes the structural components of the cell. And I’m just getting started. So, if you were looking for one molecule that can pretty much carpet bomb our system, it’s glyphosate. It’s a disaster and a tragedy that it is allowed to be used in agriculture at all. And it’s the most-used agricultural chemical, 280 million pounds a year. And most of that is on the Roundup-Ready soy and corn, but it’s also sprayed like crazy on the non-GMO. So that’s my message today. We have proof!  We’ve been saying it over and over again, “eat organic.” Combine your health budget with your food budget and combine your philanthropy budget with your food budget. Maybe you save money at the end of the year and give some away.


Imagine giving some away to a really good cause every time you buy food.  What’s that really good cause?  Not poisoning the earth with glyphosate, not having it deposited in the rain, air, children, and farmers. The farmers suffer so much from the exposure to chemicals. So please invest in the health of farming, of the ecosystem, of your life, your future, your lifespan, your energy level, your neurotransmitters, your hormones, your microbiome friends, your minerals, your DNA… invest in that by eating organic. And we have proof of that, in three days. It’s interesting, I remember talking to a doctor in 2009, who said that she put 5,000 people on a non-GMO and largely organic diet and said that basically everyone gets better.  She said mood and behavior pretty much shifted almost immediately, it took allergies and asthma three to seven days and digestive problems, maybe a little over two months.


And then you have to sort of rebuild the system which is maybe over two years.  She had a formula for how quickly people got better when they switched to a largely organic diet. I was shocked! But then we surveyed 3,256 people who went to a non-GMO and largely organic diet and they got better from 28 different conditions, often right away. So, this is something to invest in. Please invest in it. Organic food is a great gift to give to people, but they may not know how important it is. I’m going to recommend a different gift.  A non-edible gift. Secret Ingredients is a movie that Amy Hart and I created which tracked more than a dozen people who switched to organic food and had amazing recoveries.  Amazing recoveries in their bodies from a variety of disorders. Two of the children in the film used to be autistic. No longer.


We had people who couldn’t get pregnant.  They went to a clinic, were put on an organic diet and they have children. So, this film turns out to convince people more than anything we’ve seen, to eat organic. Even people who are well into organic, they understand why and become even more committed. So, if you know someone who’s unhealthy, which is probably almost everyone given the diet that we’re facing and the environmental toxins, please share the film, Secret Ingredients. You can get to it at: Okay. Now for questions/comments.  Holly says, “I’m almost complete with converting my kitchen staples with organic products.


It’s a process that requires plenty of research. Now I’m working on shifting my cat food to organic.” Yes! Go to We have some support for you there. Plus, some test results of different cat food and dog food, and some comments from veterinarians talking about the dramatic shift from sickness to health when the animals were put on to an organic diet. They acted differently.  It was just amazing.


So please share with others,, and this information that we just went over and you will be responsible for saving people’s health like never before. It’s incredible what an organic diet can do. Last point. When you switch to organic, take notes. Take a look at your energy level, your mood, and every symptom rated one to ten. Put your percentage of organic food down, how much you ate that day, and see what changes over time. Don’t give it just three days. That’s the start of it. Give it a few weeks and you may never go back.  In the movie Secret Ingredients we have some doctors talking about how some people switched to organic, got better, and then they actually went back to their conventional diet and their problems returned. Then they were absolutely sure it was the diet. They switched back to organic and then they were able to get healthy again. So, some doctors actually like it when that happens, because it makes it unbelievably clear to their patients as to what’s going on.

Alright. Eat organic and safe eating.

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