Is there scientific censorship in the study of COVID-19 origins?

At the Institute, we don’t take a position on whether the COVID virus came directly from animals, or from a laboratory. We understand that genetic engineering and other lab techniques can, theoretically produce such a pathogen. And we are very curious about whether genetic engineering was involved.

What we have discovered, however, is that there appears to be a censorship campaign underway to suppress scientific discussion and investigation of possible lab origins. So we’ve put some of the articles together for you that you may not come across, and allow you to judge for yourself.

These include a completely new theory that uses the translation of an obscure master’s thesis about a mysterious coronavirus-like disease contracted by miners working among bats in China. Long but fascinating.

We have links to articles that propose lab origins and those that discuss the suppression of scientific inquiry, which we at the Institute are all too familiar with, in the arena of GMOs:


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