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Transcription: Help Us Do More in 2021

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Hi, I’m Jeffrey Smith. And I’m the Founding Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology. I’d like to warmly invite you to make a donation to the Institute. Here’s why, first of all, we have a history of success, huge success. We pioneered the behavior change messaging about the health dangers of genetically engineered foods that spread quickly around the world. I gave talks in 45 countries, wrote two books, made four movies and trained 1500 people to speak about GMOs. We organized over 10,000 activists and yeah, the messaging took hold 48% of the world’s population believed that GMO foods are unsafe. So the food industry is systematically removing GMOs so that they don’t lose market share to their competitors with a non-GMO label on the same shelf.

Now, going forward, we have a new task. GMOs are now cheap and easy to create, especially through gene editing. You can buy a do it yourself


gene editing kit on Amazon for $169. This is a potential disaster. You see, if we can create GMOs so easily and release them into the environment knowing that virtually every species with DNA is being targeted by some laboratory or science, just somewhere. We can envision that this generation could replace nature irreversibly with a corrupted gene pool, with GMOs, which are created from gene editing, whose number one most common result is surprise side effects.

So we are pivoting as an organization. We’ve had experience building a global movement successfully. Now we’re building a new one to Protect Nature Now. To protect nature’s genetic integrity from the onslaught of massive introduction of GMOs around the world. Please make a donation so that we can create the global infrastructure that’s needed immediately. We’re reaching out to hundreds of organizations. We’re creating assets. We have plans in place to put regulations in place around the world and to educate people from the curriculum of school children to popular culture.


You see, we have arrived at an inevitable time in human history where we can easily redirect the streams of evolution for all times. And with this, we need greater responsibility and it’s an honor to protect all living beings and all future generations. So allow us to be a coordinator, a leader in that regard, by making a donation. And if you can please make it on a regular basis each month or each year, so we know that the money will be in place and we can hire the people and commit the resources to make this happen. Thank you so much. And I look forward to saving the genetic integrity of this planet together. Thank you.

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