Green Polka Dot Box, You and IRT – A Perfect Circle

GPDB-768x1024Last year we sent out an announcement about Green PolkaDot Box (“GPDB”) inviting you to order their organic and non-GMO products at a discount, shipped to your door. Many of you signed up and some also earned credit by introducing others to the club.

The Institute also bought a membership and because you signed up through our link, our account has grown by thousands of dollars.  THANK YOU!!

Now we want you to know about a generous NEW offer from GPDB this month that more than doubles your purchasing power:

If you buy a Charter Lifetime Membership for $1,000.00, GPDB immediately gives you $1,400.00 in purchasing power in your account. And, you can receive an additional $600 if you comply with the program: a total of $2,000 in purchasing power! GPDB’s prices are already 20-60% off the actual value you get for the $1,000.00 making this an opportunity not to be missed. And it doesn’t stop there; you also get a lifetime membership devoid of yearly fees. And, you get three FREE annual Reward memberships you can give to your friends EVERY YEAR! (A $375 annual value)

Of course, you can still join the GPDB buying collective in the standard ways: as a $50 Club or $125 Reward Member and enjoy that 20-60% discount.  But keep in mind that both the Charter Lifetime and Reward Memberships are limited offers.  They will expire this month!

More Non-GMO Products For You!

In addition to carrying a variety of non-GMO and organic brands, GPDB has added fresh organic produce, artisan breads, vegan and vegetarian meals, organic 100% grass-fed beef, poultry, and dairy deliverable to most of the US. GPDB guarantees the lowest prices, including FREE shipping if your order is at least $75 and are offering 10% discount off all prices on a first order today to commemorate their 1st year anniversary.  Use either the $25 first purchase coupon code “Club25” on your first order or use the 10% off coupon code “Happy1Year” if you order today.

We congratulate GPDB for refusing to carry GMO products. (We’ve witnessed them kicking products off their website when they discover some hidden GMO ingredients.) 

You can learn more and watch the video presented by GPDB’s CEO, Rod Smith, who explains all the details and benefits.

Buying food by mail is not for everyone nor should it be. For those fortunate enough to have access to independent food retailers, farmer’s markets, CSAs and buying clubs that offer non-GMO fare, it’s important to support them.

However, GPDB is an excellent way for those who live in food desserts or have very limited resources to access healthier non-GMO food, or for those who just want to save money.   With GPDB’s Charter Membership along with their other offerings, accessing healthier, non-GMO food is easier and more affordable than ever.

And when you sign up through our IRT’s link, our Institute enjoys support every time you shop allowing us to continue this vital work in service to you!  


It’s a perfect circle, kind of like the polka dot itself!

*Makes a great gift too!


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