I wanted to share with you a clip from a press conference held on November 12th in Chicago, about a lawsuit charging the Illinois Department of Corrections with serving far too much soy in the diet of tens of thousands of prisoners. Here’s how an article in this week’s Chicago Tribune described menu entrees from a single week at Illinois’ Danville Correctional Center:

“Soy-enhanced chili mac, turkey patties with soy, soy-studded country gravy, soy-blend hot dogs, soy-spiked sloppy joes, Polish sausages packed with soy, soy chicken patties.”

Nine plaintiffs say that the huge amount of soy, up to 100 grams of soy protein per day, endangers health, especially those with allergies or sensitivities to soy.

The Weston A. Price Foundation, which is funding the lawsuit, invited me to speak at the press conference about how genetic engineered soy is particularly dangerous to health. You can watch my 9-minute statement, which is Part 3 of the conference (click on the third image).

You may enjoy seeing the whole conference, including part 4, where former inmate Thomas Salonis describes how the prison ignored his doctor’s note saying that he was allergic to soy. According to the Tribune, “Finally, after a hunger strike, he was offered work that allowed him to buy instant soup from the commissary for his meals.”

When Thomas was released earlier this year, he was given a mere $10, and has been living in a homeless shelter. Now here’s the sweet part: at the end of the press conference, the room full of people passed the hat and chipped in a sizable amount of money to help Thomas get back on his feet.

Merry Christmas everybody.

Jeffrey Smith

from December 24, 2009 Spilling the Beans newsletter