Toxic L-tryptophan: Shedding Light on a Mysterious Epidemic—Acknowledgments

Toxic L-tryptophan: Shedding Light on a Mysterious Epidemic—Acknowledgments

by William E. Crist

First, I would like to thank the many EMS patients who shared their tragic stories with me, and the National EMS Network organization ( ) for their help and cooperation in my research.  I am especially grateful to Dick Kaynor for his countless hours of reviewing and editing my material; to Sharon Knowlton Miles for encouraging me to look into the cause of the L-tryptophan-linked EMS epidemic; and to Marylin Faith Rumph for her generous help in answering my many questions on the topic. I would like to thank attorneys Stephen Sheller, John Baker, Paul Rheingold, Dennis Mackin, and Don Morgan for providing crucial information and details from the legal proceedings on EMS cases in the U.S. I would like to express special thanks to scientists Charles Yanofsky at Stanford University, Gerald Gleich and Stephen Naylor both formerly at the Mayo Clinic, James Maryanski at the FDA, David Schubert at the Salk Institute of Biological Studies, Robert Mann of New Zealand, and Michael Antoniou of the U.K. for their assistance in clarifying scientific details and research data on EMS and L-tryptophan. Also, I would like to thank David Straton of Bond University Medical School in Australia for his cricket/catcher analogy, which I adapted to baseball, and freelance journalist Philip Raphals for providing key information in my discovery process. In addition, I want to thank Clarence Evjen and Steven Druker for their scientific critique of my work. Finally, I want to thank Jeffrey Smith for his perseverance and encouragement for me to finish my writings on the L-tryptophan story and for posting it on his website.

My research as a journalist was self-funded. I received no grants, monies, or benefits from any organization, public or private, or from any individual. I have spent several thousand hours since 1996 conducting this research in a very simple, honest and straightforward manner to find the truth in a muddled mess. It is my hope that all of our collective inputs into this discovery process will not have been in vain and that major media, research scientists, and government regulators will take up the issue and examine it with interest and objectivity.

–William E. Crist, July 21, 2005

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