There are a lot of compelling reasons why people who want to get pregnant should switch to organic, even before conceiving. Studies show that within two weeks of eating organic, a lot of the chemical levels in the blood go down dramatically.

We also know that Roundup and glufosinate (or Liberty herbicides) both sprayed on GMOs are linked to birth defects and also possibly to infertility.

In the movie Secret Ingredients that Jeffrey Smith co-produced with Amy Hart, we visited a chiropractic clinic of Dr. Marcia Shafer who not only does chiropractic, but she puts patients on an organic diet. She’s earned a reputation among couples who are having trouble getting pregnant. Up to this point, she’s had a 100% success rate with over 123 couples, which is astounding because many of these couples had been to fertility clinics.

In Secret Ingredients and also in these pages, we examine some of the links between Roundup, GMOs and reproductive disorders with animals that are fed Roundup-Ready crops. We see damage to the young sperm cells, damage to the testicles, changes in the uterus, the ovaries and in the hormones.

We know that the cord blood of children in utero have BT toxin produced from Monsanto’s (now Bayer) genetically engineered corn. They also have glyphosate, which is the chief poison in Roundup, so it actually gets into the fetus as well as the mother’s bloodstream.

We know that the balance between estrogen and testosterone, which is governed by aromatase, may be altered because of Roundup. We have all sorts of evidence from animal feeding studies as well as reports from doctors and individuals themselves linking GMOs and Roundup to infertility.

We also have evidence linking it to birth defects where Roundup was sprayed heavily in Argentina, for example, by plane for Roundup-Ready soy. It was getting on the peasants living near the fields and the birth defect rate skyrocketed 400% for the whole region and over 70 fold in one small area.

Dr. Carrasco from Argentina did research on the embryos of chickens and frogs and injected them with Roundup and got the same type of birth defects that were happening in the people living near these fields who were getting sprayed with Roundup.

Monsanto’s own studies show links to birth defects. Glufosinate is similar to glyphosate. Glyphosate is found in Roundup and glufosinate is found in Liberty herbicide. When glufosinate is exposed to a fetus at various critical levels during development, it can cause brain damage and also an inability for the brain to develop in certain ways. This is just the herbicides related to GMOs. We know that there’s a lot of damage associated with the full range of agricultural chemicals during pregnancy if there’s exposure.

We urge people who are pregnant to eat 100% organic and then, of course, to raise the child on as much organic food as possible.

For pregnancy – to get pregnant, to have a healthy pregnancy – please eat organic. If you can’t always get organic, at least avoid the GMOs and those foods that have been sprayed heavily with Roundup just before harvest. You can get a list of these foods here.