Why Did Connecticut Cave With The GMO Right To Know? – May 05,2012

Courtesy of June Stoyer, The Organic View Radio Show

According to former New York City prosecutor Tara Cook-Littman, “The constitutional argument is absurd, and everyone knows it. As long as Connecticut law makers had a legitimate state interest that was reasonably related to the labeling of products produced from the process of genetic engineering, the GMO labeling bill would be considered constitutional by any court of law.”

Tune in to this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, as host, June Stoyer is joined by special guests Analiese Paik, Tara Cook-Littman co-founders of Right To Know CT. Also joining the conversation will be renowned GMO activist, Jeffrey Smith, Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology.

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Interview: Jeffrey Smith on GMOs

(AUDIO) Jeffrey Smith on GMOs Broadcasting from the hills of Donegal in Ireland—The Irish Side of the Moon is a weekly radio show covering topics that the mainstream media won't cover, or cover in biased way. They believe that by giving people different...

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Interview with Jeffrey Smith

The author of Seeds of Deception, Jeffrey Smith, stops by UW Radio to discuss the FDA’s pending approval of genetically modified salmon. Sean and Jeffrey will be addressing the dangers of consuming GMO foods, how GMO foods adversely affect the small farming community, and the many reasons we should all say NO to GMO salmon. Jeffrey’s book is available in the UW Store! Hosted by Sean Croxton of Undergroundwellness.

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Don’t Put That in Your Mouth

Don't Put That in Your Mouth

Why eating genetically modified food is gambling with your health in every bite. This lecture, presented by Jeffrey Smith September 2007, outlines the evidence of health risks linked to genetically engineered foods and the reasons why the current generation of GM foods are inherently dangerous.

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