What about now? Most of us eat some mass-produced food daily. The food has a
label that tells us what is in the package. But the label is an edited
version and some of the ingredients in the package are not listed. That
would be fine if the off-label ingredients were ok. But, food technology
products have a strange way of turning up with scary side effects: cancer or
disability, like certain Food Dyes or Artificial Sweeteners, or today’s
Killer Agrichemicals and Risky GMOs. Don’t we deserve better?

Appetite alone drives us to make constant choices. These become habits.
My habits lead to an outcome, like vows. Even deeper than marriage vows, or
family bonds, habits can prevail for life. “For better or for worse, for
richer or poorer, in sickness and in health unto death do us part”
tells much about the EFFECT of habits. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine
said “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” Where food
habits eventually make me sick, bring financial loss, or even death, one
cannot but wonder: “What went wrong and why didn’t anybody warn me?” Isn’t
that the FDA’s mission? Having blocked open labeling disclosure it’s awfully
hard for FDA to prove that mission is being accomplished.

Good food choices should be like choosing a spouse – informed choices –
where compatibility has been fairly and openly proven. But the storyline of
Food Choice and Food Labeling doesn’t read like a sane marriage, it reads
more like a Soap Opera where dark secrets bubble over, and tragedy lurks at
every turn. The expression “Don’t feed me lies” comes to mind.
It warns that Truth and Nurture are the opposite of Lies and Deprivation.

We can all agree the simplest rule for Freedom of Choice is: “We have a
right to know what is in our food.” We have the right to eat what we want to
eat and to avoid eating what we don’t want. We affirm that Food Choice it
the cornerstone of personal freedom. Where we buy from food producers we
forever reserve our basic right to make our own Food Choices based on
Labeling Disclosure. We affirm our economic power to enforce this right. We
recognize the exercise of this right will have cascading economic effects:
whole industries will be retired, and new ones with rewarding jobs will take
their place. We imagine a generous society where the honesty and integrity
in our food labeling likewise breed a society where a more cooperative,
confident spirit prevails. We recognize that our cause crosses all partisan
lines, that it is a long awaited return to basics, that it is exemplary, and
doable now.

The day we do not insist on honesty and integrity in our food system is the
day we consign ourselves to deprivation. Deprivation is a horrible path we
would wish upon anyone. By extension, not knowing what is IN our food
equates to not knowing what is happening TO our food. For instance, on a
world scale, millions unnecessarily starve. In 1974, the UN claimed
sufficient worldwide food production capacity exists to feed 76 billion
people 2500 calories daily. Waste and poor Choices are the culprit. The US
military budget of $700 billion is 23 TIMES larger than the $30 billion cost
of feeding the entire world. Misplaced priorities grow like mutant
superweeds in our poisoned, disoriented minds. But we are awakened, potent
and persuasive. We have a better outcome in mind.

How will we bring about this outcome? My simple and joyful instrument of
Choice is my wallet. The cascading economic effect of our combined Choices
trumps every obstacle. Focused, we are unmatched in our power and
effectiveness. For the duration, by our highest instincts and the blessings
of Providence, we give our sustained and focused support to Food Labeling
and “Right to Know” voter and consumer initiatives. We instruct our children
and inspire friends. We share knowledge about the importance of Food Choice
and Right to Know as if our lives depended on it – because they DO,
actually. We are urgent, yet patient, making us unstoppable. We are “all of
us” rather than “us and not them.” Welcome to a better world.

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