According to surveys, more than half of Americans are looking for non-GMO food and beverages; more than a quarter are making their food purchases because of non-GMO labels.

Our goal of a non-GMO food supply is drawing closer! And because of that, Monsanto is freaking out…

The biotech bullies created yet another front group to mislead the public and attack major companies who commit to non-GMO ingredients.

Listen to Jeffrey Smith explain what Monsanto is doing now in their desperate attempt to stop our growing momentum.

The new “Peel Back the Label” (PBTL) campaign claims to be a campaign of America’s dairy farmers and aims to rally consumers  against what they say is “deceptive food labeling.”  One of PBTL’s targets is Dannon and their Non-GMO Project verified yogurts.  Read more from EcoWatch.

Read more about farmers moving to organic.

See Jeffrey Smith’s recently published peer-reviewed article about how 3,256 people reported improvements in 28 health conditions after switching to a non-GMO diet.   Also find a videotaped interview with a pediatrician who sees these type of amazing changes in her practice everyday.