Our group met already twice to share a GMO-free dinner. As usual, the food was abundant and healthy but we did have to ban a couple of items that came in the door! Not all members show up every time we meet, but we also have new faces, and there is great excitement about the plans we made.  We decided we needed a name and, after brainstorming, we arrived at The Healthy Eating Network.

We want to be positive and open to other groups joining us.  Our first task was to develop a flyer with information about the network, as well as some important facts.  A draft was completed in October and sent to group members for them to copy and distribute to their individual networks.

We are planning to arrange a meeting with our local hospital system and the schools to discuss how we might help them serve healthier food.  We now have some volunteers to write letters, emails and make phone calls to companies.  We will be drafting sample letters (three types – informational, questioning and confrontational) for our volunteers to use.  We have had a response from General Mills, Kemp’s and Newman’s Own that all demand further correspondence.  We would like to ask for a meeting with companies that have a major presence in Minnesota.

We are curious if others have had success with this.

We discussed ways to communicate with farmers who use GM products in non-threatening language, leaving out words like organic and sustainable.  We are fortunate to have a significant number of farmers in our area who are trying to raise crops and livestock in responsible ways.

Carol Spearman is the leader of the group, and she can be reached at [email protected]