Action Alert: Keep Genetically Modified (GM) Mosquitoes Out of Key Haven FL

Keep Genetically Modified (GM) Mosquitoes Out of Key Haven FL

9 A.M.-Noon Eastern Standard TimeTuesday, January 20th 2015

Flood the in-boxes of Mosquito Control and Oxitec with questions.

If you don’t have your own question ready, see 5 good ones below.

Send to these email addresses:

Florida Keys Mosquito Control District (FKMCD):

Oxitec Ltd:

Please cc:

Here’s Your Chance to Do Something Really Impactful.

Jeffrey Smith, the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT), and GMO Free Florida were successful in keeping GM mosquitoes out of Key West last year. Once again, we need your help to keep GM mosquitoes out of Key Haven, out of the Florida Keys, and out of the United States.

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Please feel free to select any or all of the following questions, or add your own.

  • This is such a highly controversial public health issue, so why hasn’t the test trial and building of a GM Mosquito facility been put to a public vote?
  • Oxitec admits that it is inevitable that some female mosquitoes will be released. Since it is the females that draw blood, is there data to show that GM female mosquitoes will not significantly impact humans and other species? Is there data independent from Oxitec’s research demonstrating no significant impact to humans and other species?
  • How will the FKMCD notify the community as to when and where the trial release will happen? What can I do if I do not want this experiment to take place in my community and do not give my consent to conduct the experiment?
  • What happens if there is a natural disaster or human error and these mosquitoes escape from the rearing facility and into our community?
  • How does the FKMCD justify the cost of this mosquito program to prevent dengue fever when there haven’t been any cases of the illness since 2009?



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