A Life-Transforming Opportunity

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Transcription: A Life-Transforming Opportunity

Hello everyone!

This is Jeffrey Smith and I have some amazing news. I just finished an interview with Sue Morter, where she described a whole process of clearing the central channel of energy, right up through the head, based on her amazing life changing meditation experience in full unity, 360 degree awareness, incredible light that changed her life, and she figured out something to share with others.

Yesterday morning, I spoke to Dr. Bruce Lipton, the author of “Biology of Belief,” an amazing, amazing thought leader who described how consciousness and quantum consciousness is primary, and the physiology has, as if antennas, that receive that, and by dealing with consciousness, we can change and structure our reality.

In the afternoon, I interviewed Katherine Woodward Thomas about calling in the one and how to find different aspects of our inner child inside of us and transform. Why am I talking to all of these great, amazing people?


Well, it has to do with my own vision for what is available for us right now, as we are all in a sheltering in place, or what I like to call a ‘blossoming in place’ situation.  I’m going to go technical for a minute and then I’m going to go very nontechnical, very, very blue-sky possibility.  Technical — I learned from a chemist who was speaking to a spiritual leader 40 years ago, that when you drop solutions into a chemical solution, drops into a chemical solution, the quality doesn’t make any difference in the beginning. But once it starts a phase transition, that’s when the quality means everything. That’s when you determine how far the solution will change (I’m getting to society in just a minute) and then it becomes the plateau, or a new normal.

I have seen as an activist and an educator that a similar three stage process occurs with humans — that you work really hard to get someone to want to change. Then they say, “Okay, I’m willing to change.” That’s when the quality of the information changes as to how — how do you make those changes? What can you do to best say yes to the commitment you just made? And then after you have a new normal, you can’t make any more changes after that for a long time.

We are in that phase transition right now, as a society.  The pandemic has done the heavy lifting. I don’t know about you, but everyone I know is already well into the redefining, reprioritizing process — figuring out who they want to be, now that they have been in this forced pause. Hardly anyone I know wants to go back to their old life. And I would say if we all did, it would be the greatest loss in human history, because we are in an opportunity that humanity has never had before.

I interviewed Lynne Twist, who described how ancient prophecies talked about this time?  And she talked about how we’re akin to inside a cocoon. First, the caterpillar eats more than its weight by many-fold — completely non-sustainable — just devouring, like our society did on earth. And then it’s forced into a quiet space like we are now. Then the imaginal cells orchestrate a transformation, a metamorphosis, to a butterfly that looks nothing like the caterpillar. And we who choose to be conscious and active in our own transformation at this time are like the imaginal cells.

3:56 I talked to Ilarion Merculieff as part of this program. He is of the Unangan people in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. He talks about how this time is predicted as a prophecy and is described by the indigenous elders as a gift and how to use this time as a gift. I know there has been horrific situations with the pandemic. I know that there has been death, but there’s also something that is unprecedentedly positive. People in our series, talked about it as if giving birth — where the pain, if we don’t know about it, is excruciating and it feels like death.  But, when we realize it’s a birth pang, we can approach it differently.

So, what I did was, I pulled together 40 of the best thought leaders and world changers that I could get, to give us gems of wisdom for new choices that we can make in our Magnificent New Normal. I call the whole course “A Magnificent New Normal.” You can go, click on it and enroll. It’s free… and check this out. You know, how many people have been to a summit? I’m sure some of you are raising your hand. I’ve been in dozens of summits and the model of a summit, as you know, is a bit overwhelming. You get five talks in a day, maybe for seven days. Who can keep up?  This summit, or speaker series, is 40 days and 40 nights. And no, you don’t have to watch five speakers a day. You get one life transforming, profound, inspirational interview every day, for free, in your Inbox. And if you don’t have time to listen to that one interview, you can click to just the answer to the first question I ask everyone, “What is your vision for a post-pandemic civilization?” There, we lock into a vision — 40 different versions of it, through the 40 days — giving us an ability to lock onto what it is that we desire for ourselves and society. Second question, you can go to direct, “What is an inspiration, tip, or understanding that you have, that can help the audience step into the highest version of themselves? How do you — how can we — empower ourselves?”

Now, you’ve got 40 brilliant people giving us the juice to take this 40 days and make it a real transformation. So you can call it a retreat, a transformation, your time in the desert, but this is an opportunity!  We’re in the pandemic. (06:46) If we leave the pandemic and we haven’t done our homework and we establish our new normal, what a waste of opportunity that is — not only for individuals, but as many of these speakers talk about.

The universe is not a classical physics universe, it is a quantum physics universe. We are not individuals separated by time and space, and that is that. We are actually, in part, relational and connected. So, if we’re trying to propel ourselves forward, we’re also propelling society forward.

It’s interesting, Bruce Lipton yesterday morning, in the interview, talked about how there were certain cells in a person’s body. They put it in a Petri dish and put it a hundred miles away. They had a video on both the Petri dish and the person. They created an intense emotional state in the person and instantaneously, that person’s cells changed. There’s a field effect between us and our body and that each cell isn’t a sentient, he said. Because you could take it out of the body, and it’ll survive. But we are a community. We as an individual, we are the consciousness of a community of 50 trillion cells. And you can read the brain physiology changes from a distance using a magnetic device. So, we’re also a field in a magnetic sense. But in that same way, we’re part of a society that is integrated on the quantum level.

It was interesting. There’s more; you have to see the interview with Bruce Lipton, about how the mother can pick up changes in the child because of that exchange of cells in the womb. It’s fascinating. In fact, there are so many fascinating things: Zach Bush, on fire. Incredible! Sarah McCrum, a new version of how we relate to money — something I had never heard of before, until I read her book, which was quite challenging, to basically turn everything 180 degrees about our personal relationship with money. Nina Simons off the chart. The first interview is with Nina Simons. She’s from Bioneers. She so articulately describes the possibilities of the vision for the post pandemic civilization and our role.

So many people talked about the balancing of the masculine and feminine, the embracing, the mysterious, mindfulness things, guided meditations and the breathing techniques. Eben Alexander talked about his near-death experience that he wrote about in “Proof of Heaven.” He was on the front page of Newsweek talking about proof of heaven. That’s quite a position. He was a neurosurgeon verifying that the brain could not possibly have the thoughts and experiences that he did while he was in a coma for seven days. So many brilliant people. And at the same time, you’re getting drops of wisdom and content to decide what you want to do. We have experts explaining how you can transform most easily.

BJ Fogg, a professor from Stanford, an expert at behavior change, explains how we can change new behaviors into habits. (09:58) David Austin Perlmutter, talked about shifting the brain physiology from the amygdala to the prefrontal cortex so we can actually integrate new behaviors. Tom O’Brien talked about shifting from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic, for the same reason.

We have people talking about how to find your purpose; people talking about the nature and science of success. There’s all sorts of personal development tools. I really enjoyed the interview with 17-year-old Tiana Day, who had her own spiritual awakening going from fearing death, and all sorts of problems and judging people, to stepping into a place of personal power. And it’s amazing how her universe and the synchronicities in her life put her in the lead of a 50,000 person Black Lives Matter protest across the Golden Gate Bridge. Eighteen hours before, she just volunteered, because they were going to cancel it because there was no African American to lead it. She brought three cases of water thinking that that was enough for everyone who was going to show up. Her parents were calling their friends to get people to show up so she wouldn’t be disappointed. (11:16) And 50,000 people came.

A 29 year old, Cameron Witten, from Portland, who’s been working as an activist, talks about his ten years as a queer black man being an activist in Portland, running for office, doing a hunger strike, running for mayor wearing a box to protest the homeless, cause he had been homeless. And these amazing transformations — how he used his awareness and love to overcome his trauma.

So many different pieces. And we invite everyone to use a journal — My Magnificent New Normal — and ways to use the journal to integrate, because you know, it’s 40 days. They’re brilliant points every day. It’s not about trying to jam everything into your life. It’s about figuring out what is resonating — what knowledge, what action, and what about yourself? What knowledge about yourself while you’re learning?  And knowledge — the gems of knowledge — the action steps you may want to take and wisdom about yourself.


So, we explain how to do that in all four opportunities, add on optional opportunities for live seminars with these great experts, and small group coaching, small group meetings, et cetera.  Because we’ve designed this for transformation — transformation happens individually, and it happens in a community.

So, can you tell, I’m excited about this? I have had the greatest opportunity to interview some of the best people in the world and ask them, on your behalf, what they want to recommend for people who are committed to using the time to transform. And before I go, I’m going to answer some questions. But before I go, I want to ask you to make a commitment to transform at this time. Whether or not you go to A Magnificent New Normal and sign up and get the help of our structure. We’re in a phase transition.  We’re being given an opportunity that no one in human history has been given.  A global pause, when we’re forced into a situation, as Lynne Twist talked about, hospicing the old structures, midwifing the new ones.

We also talk to experts about what fear and stress can do. Not only does it shut down our immune system, at a time where we do not want our immune system shut down, it blocks our ability to integrate new information and make change. So, if you’re committed to use this time to transform, I ask you to look beyond whatever fear is being pumped in through your media and step into your magnificent new normal. And make a commitment! Then, once you’ve committed to say, “Yes, I want to make a change” then your receptor cells become open to hear the gems of wisdom that you need — whether it’s from these 40 days and 40 nights of speakers, or a book falls off your shelf, that classic concept, or someone just turns to you and says something, you hear a song or whatever. (14:55) However, it is that we process information; however, it is that we connect with our intuition, with source. But it starts with saying yes. And that’s the heavy lifting part that the pandemic has done for most of us. We’re already saying yes.

So I’m going to look at the comments here. Okay. So, Dharma Grace, you said, “Yes. Yes, I agree.” And Delwie Aloha, “I’m so happy you’re venturing into this realm of discussion and co-creation and if you have a speaker for me, let me know. I am pretty much packed with speakers, but you can let me know.” Dean Matthew Phillips, “Thank you…” Anyway, okay, here we go. We’re going to step into our Magnificent New Normal, and I’ll see you there. Take care.

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