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(and while we’re at it, Roundup®…)

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The Basics

You are new here and want to get up to speed on the dangers of GMOs and glyphosate.

GMOs and Roundup are dangerous!

You’re concerned about GMOs and the glyphosate levels in your family’s diet.

GMO Companies cover-up evidence and rig their research.

Bayer/Monsanto and others have been rigging their research and hiding the real dangers from you.

Shop Healthy

Learn how to find organic, non-GMO foods.

Your Guide to the Science

We cut through the hard scientific jargon to explain the information that really matters to you.

Protect Your Children

Information you need to protect your children from the dangers of GMOs and glyphosate.

Protect Your Pets

How to protect your pets from harmful chemicals.

A statement from our founder
Jeffrey M. Smith

We believe that GMOs—and the Roundup herbicide sprayed on them—promote disease.

We’ve caught Bayer/Monsanto and others rigging their research and covering up dangers. Now, with cheap new techniques that are prone to side-effects, the industry is engineering anything with DNA: from algae to animals, from fungus to fish. This “Gene Rush” could replace nature in this generation. It’s our duty to investigate, expose, and act.

– Jeffrey Smith

The leading consumer advocate promoting healthier non-GMO choices, Jeffrey Smith was named the 2017 “Person of the Year” by Masters of Health Magazine. For more than two decades, his research has exposed how biotech companies mislead policy makers and the public, and put the health of society and environment at risk.

Latest News


Bayer Ignores Investigator’s Warning at AGM:

“Change Course or Face Possible Bankruptcy”

Bonn, Germany, 29 April— For Bayer’s Annual General Meeting yesterday, Monsanto investigator Jeffrey Smith predicted that Bayer will face possible bankruptcy from a new wave of lawsuits linking Roundup herbicide to numerous diseases, and that the current expected payout of up to $12 billion to more than 50,000 plaintiffs with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) is only the beginning. READ MORE and watch our CORPORATE KARMA video

Our Campaigns

Rally Your Community: Stop Spraying Poisons

Stop the spraying of Roundup® and other toxins in your area.

Raising awareness of the risks posed to pets by GM foods and pesticides.

Protect Our Planet’s Gene Pool

If not controlled, the rapid introduction of
new GMOs could alter and replace nature… forever.

Deeper Dive

Discover the Truth

Get the inside scoop on Monsanto’s strategic, purposeful programs to discredit the scientists and eliminate the evidence that proves the dangers of Roundup.

Secret Ingredients

This powerful and highly acclaimed film by Jeffrey shares remarkable stories of people who regain their health after switching to organic, thereby eliminating GMOs and Roundup®.

Genetic Roulette

Jeffrey Smith’s award winning film explores the potential health hazards of incorporating genetically modified organisms in our food supply. Monsanto’s strong arm tactics, the FDA’s fraudulent policies, and how the USDA ignores a growing health emergency are laid bare.

Learn more about the dangers of GMOs and pesticides. Join us!