New Years Inspirational Message

THINK HUGE. Thinking “Big” is so last century

This is the need of the time. HUGE thinking. Life is not content anymore with mere bigness. The demand today is far greater.

Every quarter of our precious world is calling to us. So many threats to our planet, to our food, to our life. Countless species teetering. Future generations line up outside our door to see if we will answer.

We have no instruction manual, no role model or reference point in our long history to tell us what to do.

Nevertheless we say Yes! We cast aside small cramped thinking and leap into that greater role that has been waiting to serve us.

Then comes magic.

As we outstretch our arms to hold the HUGENESS of the world, we at once become held by it. As we seek to lead, we are mysteriously guided. As we draw out the depths of our energy and courage, we become lifted by a greater power, imbued with wisdom and patience.

What seemed insurmountable becomes inevitable.

What seemed oppressive becomes our honor and privilege to unwind.

And our lives, which appeared to us as mere waves, become the ocean.

It’s time to THINK HUGE. Grace will follow.


  1. When the population will start to realize that just a bunch of evil people (including their own elected representatives) is working day after day under the pressure of the Big Business to enslave them, to destroy their freedom and human rights to chose for their own health or foods while achieving an obscure agenda, it will be the beginning of the end for this regime.
    In fact, they are reproducing the same pattern in different aspect of our life and have gone so far that they show a state of panic. It is like a monster that eats him by the tail.
    These evil people that have seriously infiltrated our governments and institutions have no limits and absolutely no respect for the human life and the entire Creation. Just look at few of their recent actions while pushing intensively their agenda:
    • GMO
    • Vaccines
    • Codex Alimentarius
    • Food Modernization Act.
    • Naked Body Scanners
    • Etc.
    All this is pushed with no safety study on humans, with lies and absolutely no concern about killing or destroying the health of thousands of children or adults.
    I fully agree with your New Year message “ It is time to THINK HUGE. Grace will follow”.
    2011 and 2012 will be two exceptional years for the people that search for Truth and Justice.
    Thank you so much for you leadership and generosity in that direction.
    From Quebec, Canada

  2. Thank you for such a thoughtful and hopefull messages as we enter a new year. When we look beyond the naysayers and negativity to dare to dream and direction our energies as far as our imaginations can take us, we will be able to achieve a better, more peaceful and sustainable world. Together…onto 2011!

  3. be careful what you eat, thoughts are food, don’t poison yourself.
    despite all the pain here, we also exist in other dimensions, one of them is the dimension of before individuation. where the only outstanding characteristic is palpable love.

  4. I would like to say “thank you” from the bottom of my heart, Jeff, for all that you do. We are fortunate to have you standing at the helm to guide us through the rough waters of GMO ludicracy!

    I, like you, find that my passion runs deep wanting to preserve and protect the safety, health and well being of all humans, all of nature and the earth from the gross ignorance of the likes of Monsanto and our FDA. It is to my way of thinking, criminal that an entity like Monsanto is permitted to unleash it’s hideous scientific experiments on our precious world with so little regard for the harm they do. Their level of disrespect for creation itself is mind boggling! Only an ignorant, arrogant and egotistical mind could have such unethical intentions and actions. I believe, also, that removing fears and not perceiving the ‘task at hand’ as one too daunting, is tantamount to moving forward, activating strength and courage, and trusting that we will receive the needed guidance, as appropriate, is the order of the day.

    Grace will be present when hearts and minds are united in a common cause, with humble and loving intentions that seek the highest good for all mankind. We are caretakers of earth, nature and each other. I believe it to be an honor to be a part of something that speaks to helping to insure the integrity of our foods, air and water, for all of life on this planet. It is a humble responsibility I accept as a practitioner and citizen of earth.

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