1. Only one comment??   This Needs To Get Out More!! Great song, Rob. Well said. As each day passes and I hear the latest criminal antics of Monsanto and Co., I grow ever more angry, esp. as I listen to the news which may cover the Obesity epidemic, or the Autism epidemic and every angle is examined EXCEPT the huge Elephant in the room, which links All the other epidemics bar none. (In reference to the news I listen to the most ‘liberal’ newsCo known in the US: NPR.)  But why should I be surprised the Mammoth isn’t Mentioned?   $$$ “Gifts” from likes of: Bill and Melinda; Carnegie; other Eugenic Institutions known to many-tho not well known as ones practicing slow genocide. Yet these same criminals purport to further Green living, further a healthy world and people- It just makes my stomach turn and blood boil…And I only learned the breadth of this within the last year!
    When I was a kid I recall a day at Disneyland, Orange County and visiting a huge exhibit titled something like ‘Modern Living with Monsanto’…a modern kitchen, appliances, ways I suppose how the big M makes life ‘better’. My last visit in ’89 saw it replaced with some ‘Star Wars’ ride. Fitting for a ‘Death Star’, but I don’t recall if there was one on the ride…Monsanto/Mickey Mouse-now There’s an understatement.
    I’ve spent a large part of my life in broadcasting, including news reporting. I’ve been retired d/t health for the last few years but lately seeking a way back in and active. I tell you what, I’ve found a cause and a reason, more so than my discovery of HAARP in 1995. And I see how it is ALL connected….Chemtrails, weather manipulation, earthquakes and tsunamis, tornadoes in Joplin, Ms, AIDS/Polio/Whooping Cough and tainted vaccines for all, veteran suicides, neuro diseases, rain forest clearcuts, Northwest clearcuts, Farmer suicides-worldwide,…not to mention GMOs, rBGHs, veiled Nazi-like modern day Holocaust by Global Elite/Monsanto/Politicos on the People of the World under the excuse ‘there’s a population explosion’.
    So who decides who’s to live and who’s to die?  Where’s Mother Nature’s Natural say?
    Does the Occupy 99% realize THIS is the Bottom Line of ‘the Cause’?
    I sure hope so.  The Whole Thing Is Rotten and By God it Must Change,
    cuz We’re in Trouble

    • Yes to all you say, and let’s give our attention, energy, and power to build and strengthen the sustainable alternatives which already exist. The destructive deserves little attention, but we must reference it as needed to create or increase motivation for change!
      Thank you for your great energy and caring!
      Natalia Lee

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