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When scientist Arpad Pusztai reported that genetically modified (GM) foods caused serious health problems in rats, he was a hero at his prestigious UK institute — for two days. But after two phone calls (apparently) from the Prime Minister’s office, he was fired, gagged, and mercilessly attacked. When UC Berkely professor Ignacio Chapela discovered GM corn contamination in Mexico, he too faced a firestorm of distortion and denial that left him struggling to salvage his career. Find out how the biotech industry “engineers” the truth and what they are trying to hide from you. By Bertram Verhaag, with bonus film: Monster Salmon.


  1. Wow! I watched the trailer and I can only say that I will order the DVD, inform myself to the best I can and spread the word. I know about the health risks of GM foods, but I need to know more of it. I think it is insane what is happening – or what we are allowing to happen. It has come to a point where we all need to become involved to stop this. Thank you so much for helping us to become informed, FAST.

  2. Is this the route they are taking to get rid of most of the world’s population? I am wondering,how do we circumvent this disasterous change to our diets? What will happen when the people start to die like the contaminated rats have done? Since this just seems to take over fields even many miles away is there a way to stop it. Why do they allow these people to get away with this? Money is involved and can always cause you to lose your job so you bow your head, pretend you either did not hear or don’t care. How will anyone escape this blight, even the people who purportrated it cannot escape. What now people?

    • we stop buying and food or products that contain gmo’s, we tell everyone we know what’s going on, and if you are right in wondering if this is the illuminati’s method of drastically reducing the world’s population, then it may already be too late. However, i am not going down without a fight and will do all i can everyday in every encounter to stop this mad scheme…i guess as human beings we need to step up to the plate and become heroes because doing nothing seriously compromises our humanity. All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. there are alot of us here who feel this way. courage. perserverance.

    • Yea, Ruth, they CAN avoid eating these foods – they have the means to get their food from places that aren’t producing GM foods. One thing I will NEVER forget is GWB being asked (during the big “flu” scare) IF HE was getting the vaccine he was trying to force the rest of us to take – his response – “NO, I have NEVER had a flu shot and I never will have one….”
      Bill Gates has built a storage locker for “heritage” seeds. (located in far north, can’t remember the exact place, but it’s something like Iceland) Ones that have not been genetically modified nor exposed to the chemicals that are used. This tells me that they KNOW these GM foods ARE harmful, I believe they are using them to cull the population, quietly and without the horrific bloodshed that Hitler did, the neo-con agenda included reducing the world’s population greatly, like by 4/5ths – what a terrific way to do this – slowly poisoning us to death, and leaving the rest sterile. Their goals reached, “plausible denial-ability” achieved. Not long ago, a major drug manufacturer went to South America and “gave” away malaria shots free – to females between the ages of 9 to 45. Someone found this “unusual” and got some samples of the shots – they contained BIRTH CONTROL – these women were being used as guinea pigs and being sterilized against their will and without their knowledge. Make NO mistake – they KNOW what they are doing, they are NOT going to stop, stop them one way they go another….Fluoride was considered a haz mat, first used by Hitler on the Jews – one of the “side affects” one of the drug manufacturers that SUPPORTED Hitler’s war – again using humans as guinea pigs, they found the people they gave it to become docile (and figured out how much it took and what level it became lethal – did you know that it’s stored where our water is “purified” – how easy it would be to open the spigots and “suddenly” wipe out entire communities!) and a “formerly” haz mat that was difficult to dispose of found it’s way into our water supply. Keep researching, you’ll find tons of information on the slimy, stinking ways WE have been used as guinea pigs for government experiments on controlling, and reducing the population. What better way to have complete control over the people than to control the food supply? Wake up people, they are never going to stop trying.

  3. One more leg in the grave brought on by the original weapon of mass destruction–man.

    I’m anxious to see the video. Thank you for your dedicated hard work.

    “We can’t change the heart, so we must stop the heartless.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

  4. I want to know what we as individuals can do to stop these people. Should we write Presiden Obama and our congressman every single day? What else can I do? I believe all the stomach problems and digestive problems people are having now are due to GMO’s.

    • I did write to President Obama in a moment of delusion that my expression would actually have some influence, let alone be read. You might as well send a request to Santa Claus – your question is highly naive. Do you understand: the US federal government is not only promoting GM phude in every major way, they are acting as a thug for m… by intimidating and threatening other countries into accepting it. Have you seen the wikileak by our own ambassador to France? Case closed, now act to eliminate, halt, reverse GMOs and most urgently, protect yourself by upping your vigilance over what you purchase.

  5. It is difficult to believe that Monsanto and others are ruthlessly pursuing this disastrous course of action purely for profit. It is also mystifying that our government, and its agencies, are swallowing this down whole. If it is all about money, we are dealing with the greatest fools and imbeciles ever to creep along on this planet. Once physical life on earth is completely infiltrated and infected with dangerous and deadly genetic modifications, the perpetrators and their progeny will not escape either. I’d like to know what their end game is, and what they expect to accomplish.

    Meanwhile I am mad as hell at these fiends, and would like to see them in prison for their crimes.

    In any case, we citizens must resist and fight against this insanity at every opportunity. Those yet to be born are at risk, and those who survive will curse us for our stupidity if we don’t succeed.

  6. There is only one answer: support the organic food industry wholeheartedly. Buying organics may cost a few dollars more for a bag of food, but in the long run saves many $$ in medical costs and misery. Demand that your representatives stop taking bribes from Monsanto, Cargill, duPont and others who provide chemicals and GMO seeds for corporate agriculture. They are not what nature provided for thousands of years. Demand that your grocery store carry a comprehensive supply of organics in all categories, and if they demur, tell them you are taking your business elsewhere, then do just that! By the way, “natural” is not organic and can contain GMOs.

  7. I have been saying this for some time now… not only as a psychic but also as a human being. People need to learn how to grow their own gardens for food and need to buy non-gmo seeds while they still can. The only real safe food at this point is the organic grass (if that) that you are growing in your own back yard. Our foods are loaded ingrediants such as chemtrails from the atmosphere, pesticides, hormone injected, antibiotic fed.. corn based foods marketed like it’s all wholesome. .. and that is just to name a few. Watch the movie .. food inc.
    This is not to scare anyone but to help ppl to wake up and really think about why we are so sick in this country. Even mental illness is on the rise.. you are what you eat, and your body grows and changes from what you put into it. Even if you grow vegetables in pots… it’s a start.

  8. There is no need to modify food. Feed animals the appropriate diet allow freedom of movement makes happy content creatures.
    Why interfere with grain or vegetable crops?? leave nature to do wht it does best.

  9. What I am doing about this is training people about the food situation with lectures and dvds and informing them about Green Polka Dot Box where they can get organic food at a low price and listing the local farmers where they can get nutritious & raw foods directly. It’s not enough just to warn people against eating the poisoned food, they need to know how they can get affordable organic foods. Even Walmart has a selection.

  10. I have been very upset and very angry at the powers that be in this country that have allowed this process of GMO’s to come to this point. It comes up in just about every conversation that I take part in. When someone starts discussing an issue in the news and how awful it was, I break in and tell them it’s nothing compared to what our government and Monsanto are doing. For the most part the answer I get from these people is, “Well, you gotta’ die of something”. If this is the attitude of most of my fellow workers and most of the average American, then what reason will the powers that be have to stop what they are doing. It makes me feel so much better to read all the comments here and to know that there are others likeminded as I.

  11. Wow, what some people will do for the love of money and power.
    Can we please bring common sense, quality control, honesty, integrity, love of purity, back into business.

    No wonder America is so hated over seas…they equate the actions of these companies as America and the American Government…maybe they are one and the same now.

    Google Permaculture for how to grow your own food etc. Most cities around the world have Guilds you can join…good people making solutions and educating the public in all things sustainable.

    School lunches are full of GMOs…fight global warming, the arms race, poverty, obesity, ignorance, gmo subsidies, greed, genetic manipulation…by sending your kid to school with a wholesome lunch from home.

  12. Thank you SO much for enlightening me as an American consumer. I can’t believe the greed and corruption behind all of this at the expense of not only ourselves, but future generations to come. We are going through very serious medical issues in our family, which I feel GMO’s, hormones, and all other chemicals in the environment are to blame. So I am on a campaign to share this info with whomever I can!! Keep up the wonderful job you are doing inspite of the harrasments, etc. going on, there are people, I included, who really appreciate your work and enthusiasm for exposing this corruption.

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