Join the Non-GMO Click and Send Revolutionary Army


We’re looking to assemble a huge Non-GMO Click and Send Revolutionary Army. If you enlist, your job is simple. Several times a week until the election we will send you an email/post. Immediately pass it on, post it, tweet it, watch the clip, download the podcast, keep the message circulating in all the social media ways you know how.

Join the Non-GMO Click and Send Revolutionary Army 

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  1. I just started a petition with to encourage the USDOJ to prosecute the No on Prop 37 Comittee for fraudulently using FDA stamp in their deceptive advertising. Need at least 100 signatures to get it going… follow the following link and sign petition also tell your friends to do the same. has had some amazing results! PLEASE SIGN so we can send a message to Monsanto!

    Post to your face book or post on your blog

    Thank you and keep up the good work!!


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