Jeffrey Smith’s Powerful New Film, and a Matching Grant to Make It Happen

In late April, we’re launching our “Campaign to Protect Children From GMOs. “*Help us get the video ready in time to be an integral part of that campaign by donating today. Your contribution will enable us to produce and promote the film. And we’re sure it’ll be a film you’ll want to share with every parent and caregiver you know-as well as every politician, community decision-maker, and media outlet in your area.

Donate today and have twice as much impact, because your tax-deductible gift will be matched through the generosity of Mike Adams and (up to a total of $10,000).

*Also, the names of those who donate at least $500 will be included in promotional literature about the film. For those who donate at least $1000, their names will appear in the film credits. *

The video, currently in development, goes beyond what we already know about the documented health risks of GMOs for both humans and livestock. We’ve got healthcare professionals on film, and we’re giving them a bigger microphone than ever before on the GMO issue. You’ll hear pediatricians and family practitioners describe their direct experiences with a growing epidemic of disorders among Americans, especially our children, and why GMOs are almost certainly a major contributor. Veterinarians are witnessing the same health impacts on our pets and in livestock. These doctors are finding that when food and livestock feed are reversed (from GMO to non-GMO), so too are the symptoms.

It will be difficult for someone to watch this film and continue to feed their family GMOs. Our kids are like the canaries in the coal mines-they’re sensitive indicators of a system out of balance. Young children are even more vulnerable to the health effects of GMOs given their less-developed immune system, their greater sensitivity to toxins and allergens, their undeveloped blood/brain barrier, and the fact that their fast-growing bodies require more food per pound than adults. And they’re getting sick in large numbers. Parents know it. Doctors know it. And there’s more evidence than ever before that GMOs are a major contributor.

So please donate today, and let’s get that film rollin’!


Jeffrey Smith and the IRT Staff


  1. Hi, Since you are in the process of making the movie, I would like to respectfully ask you to please make sure there are no swear words, images, or other possibly offensive material contained in it. I would like to show this to everyone, but I won’t if it would offend them. If it was to offend someone (other than the fact that they like GMOs) in this way, I am afraid the movie would lose its usefulness. I know many people that won’t order or wear (including me) the “No GMO” T-shirt because it is offensive. Thank you for taking the time to read this and considering this concern.

    • No GMO is a offensive statement? 
      well think about it – infertility – no plants on planet eath left not crosss-pollinating with GMO

      a tshirt saying no gmo is to offensive?

      (i lost speech here)

  2. I totally agree with the previous comment. I would love it if the movie would be totally family friendly. Some members in my church group know about GMOs and would love to spread the word. I think this movie is a great idea!

  3. Totally agree!  To change our consciousness, we must start to educate our younger generation.  The film should be made available to schools at all grades.  

  4. I have to agree, too.  If you want this film to do it’s job of influencing the world, you need to leave out the profanity.  Please don’t limit the audience or influence this could have by being vulgar.  Certainly you’ll need to show what is being done, but try to make it acceptable to all generations, not only to kids, but to the elderly and anyone else who practices clean living.  Thanks! :)

  5. Sitting back and doing nothing for fear of offending someone is exactly why our country, and our constitution are going down the toilet. There is no polite way to say what needs to be said. 

    I am not advocating use of profanity or poor behavior, but just the thought of worrying about offending someone when our entire nation is being poisoned with GMO contaminated foods and our own government is being corrupted by the people that stand to profit from it is just utterly repulsive. 

    We should be more concerned about banning the products that are silently poisoning us. GMOs are in EVERYTHING !!  People need to know the ugly truth, not some candy coated, non offensive, lilly white “its not so bad” version. 

    If you arent offended and willing to take action, then you are just as much a part of the problem. 

    Be offended and stop buying GMO foods. Tell your church, family and friends just how serious this is. 

    God help us. 

  6. From listening to an interview on (Kim Greenhouse) I found out that wheat genes were modified some 40-50 yrs ago and it is not the wheat people used to eat way back then. 

    Dr. William Davis, the Author of Wheat Belly explained that it now has 10X the yield & a much shorter growing season, making it a super carb making people fatter and fatter….and it causes celiac disease which destroys the intestines….and it can cause rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Hashimoto’s, weight gain, diabetes, Chrone’s disease and colitis etc

    The wheat of today was transformed and is no longer edible without high chance of disease: Wheat used to have 28 chromosomes. It now has 42 chromosomes.Glydin protein in this wheat of today,  is an appetite stimulant and  they put it in everything from soups to desserts….Since hearing this interview, I quit eating any breads, even organic made from wheat of any type including sprouted breads, and breads made from Spelt, Kamut, and other types of wheat. I found that I was “addicted” to it. Once I started eating some, I had 2, 3, 5, 7 pieces….I thought this was weird…..I was never “addicted” to bread before……I noticed that all other products,for example crackers made of buckwheat all contain rice flour which , according to Dr. Davis, raise blood sugar even more than wheat….so I make my own dehydrated vegetable crackers using an almond flour and ground  flaxseed base plus red/yellow peppers or tomatoes/basil or apple/fennel and they are delicious! ….I am passing on this info to everyone I know. Please do your own investigation and pass this on….

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