1. Jeffrey Smith’s interview engaged my interest. I love corn, especially popcorn. I was glad to hear that popcorn is not a GMO product. However, I have a question about Mexican food. I thought raw “corn” tortillas were made from hominy because of the lime and calcium hydroxide ingredients listed which are required to remove the hulls from the hominy grain. I buy raw “corn” tortillas and cook them in peanut oil when I want chips. Please do not tell me that this product is created from GMO grains.

  2. I sat outside my local health food store for two afternoons gathering signatures for GMO labeling. I was surprised how many of the people shopping there did not really know about GMOs. They knew that they were bad but they didn’t know how bad or how widely they had proliferated into our food supply. So if people shopping at a health food store didn’t know, that kind of says that the average shopper doesn’t have a clue.

  3. Out government is totaly owned and operated by big corporations and all health issues will get worse because profit is 100% more important than people. Government wants to get rid of much of the population, especially the lower income, poor and elderly! GMOs are just a tip of the iceberg. This country’s freedom is dead! People are being dumbed down! Anyone who has listened to comedian George Carlan knows that he knew the truth about our government. Elections are a joke and government lies to us all the time. I don’t have the answers either, but our democracy is gone no matter what party is in office. Everything done is to protect the big corporations and the hell with the people!!

    • Hello Miss Kate, good for you, as you are telling like it is. Most people are still asking questions like…Why doesn’t the government do something? Or, why are they doing this? Bowing and kneeling to those who take advantage is a waste, as The Authoriatrians love to see people grovel. All of the ‘Official Deceptions’ have been with us for lifetimes and finally some people are waking up. For years, I have written many books on the subject of what is really taking place on this planet. As people Become MoreAware, they will know what to do…Have Fun! DuaneTheGreatWriter.Info

  4. Kate, Yes people have been dumbed down, and now the big daddy government we have now is proud that over 50% of the population is on Food Stamps. Wow what progress.

    Making money is not a bad thing, and nothing is going to change the big corporations from having a lot of influence in the food industry. When was the last time a poor person hired you?

    However, we can all grow as much of our own food as we can, buy or trade from friends, and simply live with the idea that we are able to provide for ourselves. Every time we buy that product that is not made in America is destroying our country.

    Also, we are a Republic, not a democracy. See, that dumbing down has made its mark in America. Those who want a socialistic government, should move to one and stay there. I am for Free Enterprise! Work hard and reap your rewards. Those who think I should work hard then give them my rewards are socialists. Get a job, start a business, we still can do this, but too many don’t want to fail, they just want what I’ve worked hard for.

    Voting is something we really should do. But more importantly, calling these politicians, or emailing them, and holding their feet to the flame when they do not represent us should be the norm. Yes there are too many politicians who are out there for themselves. Yet, there are some really good people who do represent us, we just do not have enough of them.

    • Hi Peggy,
      I’ve been sending letters, now e-mails to my representatives for years. Very few even bother with an automatic response. It’s disgusting. A few years ago, I decided to vote for anyone who was not an incumbent, because I am obligated to vote, but the choices are so limited. In the coming election, I’ll vote for Ron Paul precisely because he’s the only one who has consistently stuck to the same story for 30 years. If we can get rid of the fed reserve, and get rid of the stranglehold by big business, we’ll have our country back again.

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