Jeffrey Smith’s Powerful New Film, and a Matching Grant to Make It Happen

In late April, we’re launching our “Campaign to Protect Children From GMOs. “*Help us get the video ready in time to be an integral part of that campaign by donating today. Your contribution will enable us to produce and promote the film. And we’re sure it’ll be a film you’ll want to share with every parent and caregiver you know-as well as every politician, community decision-maker, and media outlet in your area.

Donate today and have twice as much impact, because your tax-deductible gift will be matched through the generosity of Mike Adams and (up to a total of $10,000).

*Also, the names of those who donate at least $500 will be included in promotional literature about the film. For those who donate at least $1000, their names will appear in the film credits. *

The video, currently in development, goes beyond what we already know about the documented health risks of GMOs for both humans and livestock. We’ve got healthcare professionals on film, and we’re giving them a bigger microphone than ever before on the GMO issue. You’ll hear pediatricians and family practitioners describe their direct experiences with a growing epidemic of disorders among Americans, especially our children, and why GMOs are almost certainly a major contributor. Veterinarians are witnessing the same health impacts on our pets and in livestock. These doctors are finding that when food and livestock feed are reversed (from GMO to non-GMO), so too are the symptoms.

It will be difficult for someone to watch this film and continue to feed their family GMOs. Our kids are like the canaries in the coal mines-they’re sensitive indicators of a system out of balance. Young children are even more vulnerable to the health effects of GMOs given their less-developed immune system, their greater sensitivity to toxins and allergens, their undeveloped blood/brain barrier, and the fact that their fast-growing bodies require more food per pound than adults. And they’re getting sick in large numbers. Parents know it. Doctors know it. And there’s more evidence than ever before that GMOs are a major contributor.

So please donate today, and let’s get that film rollin’!


Jeffrey Smith and the IRT Staff

Inspiring story shows shortcut to end GMOs

Read this inspiring story below to find out what is possible with your financial support. I think it’s a real eye opener for those who think ending GMOs is a long, drawn out, and difficult process.


11 minutes

It took the audience just 11 minutes – 11 minutes to give up food brands they had grown up with and to commit to seek healthier non-GMO food. Of course this group had already been against genetically modified organisms as a concept. This was Greenfest after all; and in San Francisco no less. But when I asked them to honestly rate themselves on a scale of 1-100 how vigilant they had been at avoiding GMOs, the largest number of hands went up for lowest category – 1-20. That’s typical of most US audiences. And so is what happened next…

After showing them photos of damaged organs from lab rats fed GMOs, skin rashes from farm workers picking GM cotton, and dead livestock that had grazed on the cotton plants; when they saw rodent studies showing a 5-fold increase in infant mortality, smaller babies, sterile babies, and severe immune responses; when they realized that genes inserted into GM crops can transfer into the DNA of bacteria inside our intestines and possibly continue to function, and that the poisonous insecticide engineered into Monsanto’s corn is found in the blood of pregnant women and unborn fetuses; when they learned how industry rigs their research to hide dangers and attacks independent scientists and their studies; when they discovered that FDA scientists had repeatedly warned of serious harm from GMOs, but the political appointee in charge―Monsanto’s former attorney―allowed GM foods on the market without any required safety tests; and when they discovered that the same doctors’ organization that first identified Gulf War syndrome, chemical sensitivities, and food allergies, now urges physicians to prescribe non-GMO diets to everyone; I asked the audience to rate themselves how vigilant they would be next week to avoid GMOs.

“How many will be low vigilance, 1-20?” No hands.

“20-40?” Still no hands

“40-60?” A couple of hands.

The most popular category shifted from the lowest vigilance (1-20) in the first vote, to the highest (80-100) in the second―just 11 minutes later.

I then reminded the audience of the strategy to eliminate GMOs, which we had discussed at the beginning: If brand managers from major food companies see any drop in market share that was attributable to growing anti-GMO sentiment in the US, it would be the food industry equivalent of a “Sell Signal.” GMO ingredients would be considered a market liability and be discarded. Remember, these same companies had quickly removed GMOs from their European brands when GMO resistance spread there. To hit that sell signal in the US, we think the tipping point requires about 5% of US consumers changing their diet.

I asked the audience, “How in the world are we going to get 15 million Americans to change their diet?” After the 11 minutes, I told them, “Now we know. We just tell them the truth.”

I then asked the audience to rate themselves how active they planned to be to educate people on GMOs. At the start of the presentation, most rated themselves in the lowest category. After 11 minutes, nearly everyone was in the highest.

“So you see,” I said. “The same information that changes peoples’ diets also makes the campaign go viral.”

Endgame for GMOs

Now it’s just a numbers game. Once we disseminate that information to enough people, it’s the endgame for genetically modified food.

The Institute for Responsible Technology has packaged this behavior-changing message into a full range of educational materials, organized local and national action groups, trained 750 people to give public presentations, and reaches 5-10 million people each month.

Because collective consciousness is starting to awaken to this issue, it’s become easier to get the word out and change lives. As the same time, we’re now getting flooded with opportunities and requests. With current staffing levels, we simply can’t keep up. We need your help.

We love our supporters. Our precious donors make our work possible. To you, and to everyone who has ever considered giving a donation, please understand that right now every single dollar has enormous leverage, driving us closer to a non-GMO future.

Help us harvest all this low-hanging non-GMO fruit. Please make a contribution to help end the genetic engineering of our food supply.

I wouldn’t say we’re in the home stretch just yet, but we’re banking the turn and hear the crowd cheering. It’s time to turn on the juice.

Thanks so much,

Jeffrey Smith, Executive Director

Institute for Responsible Technology


175 Days on the Road, 2011

I talked to pioneers at Bioneers, birders at Audubon,
Gardeners at the Seed Fest, and greenies at the Greenfest.

To children at a charter school, purchasers at hospitals,
and managers of campus dining halls.

To mothers in Marin, farmers in Minnesota, and Amish in Ohio.
To meditators in Manhattan, protesters in Seattle, and agitators in San Francisco.

To practitioners of naturopathy, integrative allopathy, and traditional iridology.

To Chico Weston Pricers, Fairfield raw foodists,
To vegans in LA, steak eaters in Texas

At UC Berkeley, Cal Tech, and Cal Poly Pomona.
At Union College, Weatherford College, and .

At Loma Linda School of Public Health and Toronto Total Health.

At two Health Freedom Expos,
two Natural Products Expos, and
two Rotary Clubs in
two countries.

At Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers,
Berlin Natural Bakery,
Marlene’s Natural Foods.

At “Justice Begins with Seeds”
and the “Heirloom Seed Expo.”
Hosted by GMO-Free and Right2Know,

I also danced at Farm Aid,
Hiked mountains near Hanoi,
Dodged traffic in New Delhi
And Climbed the Great Wall

And along the way, I watched as the coming non-GMO world grew wings.
I’m grateful.

Please help us end the genetic engineering of our food supply by making a tax-deductible donation today.

Thanks so much,



Five 2-minute videos and 1 new song, tell the story of GMOs—Fast

Five 2-minute videos and 1 new song, tell the story of GMOs—Fast

By Jeffrey M. Smith

I like long videos on GMOs, which tell the whole story and change people’s lives in one go. Our video Everything You HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods is 84 minutes, but it does the heavy lifting. For example, when I was interviewed by Alex Bogusky for his FearLess TV Show he mentioned that he had tried unsuccessfully for years to get his parents to change their diet. He recently gave his dad (who was on the set with us) the “Everything…” DVD. His father did not watch it, but passed it onto his mother. Then Alex’s dad announced loudly, “And the next day I didn’t recognize anything in the refrigerator!”

But not everyone has 84 minutes to watch a video (or a wife who does). Lots of people have been asking me to produce short films. Even the 18-minute Your Milk on Drugs—Just Say No! is too long for people raised with an MTV time span.

So I asked Alex if he would like to videotape me for a few hours, and help me craft short messages. Alex hesitated.

I thought I was just asking for some lightweight advice during the shoot. But this was Alex Bogusky. He doesn’t do lightweight.

Alex was described by Fast Company as “the Elvis of advertising,” a “pop-culture Houdini,” and the “daddy of 21st-century advertising.” He designed the Truth Campaign for tobacco, brought the king to Burger King, was crowned “Creative Director of the Decade” by Adweek, and was a partner at a $1.5 billion company that Advertising Age named “Agency of the Decade,”…and then he walked away. Alex realized he could no longer speak his truth. Now, under his own banner of The Fearless Revolution, he’s empowering consumers who will counterbalance corporate power.

If he agreed to shoot the videos, Alex knew he wouldn’t stop there. He did agree, and he didn’t stop.

He took the footage, assembled a team, and created five fabulous 2-minute videos, presented now for the first time as the full series.

I’m adding to the mix a funny and brilliant new song about GMOs by the talented Rob Herring. He offers his 5-minute piece on iTunes, donating half of the $0.99 download fee to our Institute for Responsible Technology to help us stop the genetic engineering of the food supply. The download link is below.

My question for you is this: after you watch the videos and listen to the song, will you replace everything in your refrigerator? In any case, please share the links, so others will be enlightened, entertained, and consider adopting a non-GMO diet.

Safe eating.

It’s Time for a Food Fight (3 min)

Dont Experiment with your Baby (2 min)

Double Dipping Danger (2 min)

Double Dipping Danger (2 min)

Cap the Gene Spill (2 min)

GMO song: Question What’s Inside, by Rob Herring

You can DOWNLOAD THE SONG Question What’s Inside from iTunes. Remember to “Like” it and give it a “5 star” rating. You can also “Like” the Question What’s Inside FACEBOOK PAGE to stay updated on upcoming release dates for more humorous health awareness tunes from Rob Herring.

50% of all proceeds will be donated to Jeffrey Smith’s Institute for Responsible Technology to help raise GMO awareness.